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No bike weekend, Glamping at Getronosan

There are a few weeks during spring that´s just in between. The snow is melting, the ice is there but to risky to ride. The forest trails is covered in part ice and part mud. It snowed again yesterday but it does not stay around for fluffy trails. Every thing is gray, muddy and ugly. Riding is minimized to work commute on the mostercross.

Then it is pretty awesome to have friends like Fredrik. He runs the Aurora Safari Camp and his winter season is also coming to an end. Aurora Safari Camp is located along the beautiful Råneå river valley. A few kilometers up river there is a beautiful place called Korpforsen ,The Raven Stream (sound pretty cool in English). Up here there is a beautiful campsite that just got new owners and they´re doing wildlife a bit more classy. Fredrik got a few guys together for a manly weekend by the stream. Good food, sauna, beer and bath barrel was on the menu. I´ve been riding here a few times both winter and summer. But i haven’t really taking notice of the timber cabins by the river. This place has apparently been around for many years but Niklas and Liza have given it a proper face-lift.

Photo: Fredrik Broman


Our welcome starter for the evening was cold beer by an open fire with chef Thomas frying bread and reindeer filet for the most amazing sandwich i´ve ever had.

Photo: Fredrik Broman,

This was a mere appetizer of things to come. After this humble starter we were invited to the main cabin for main course. The theme for the supé  was reindeer all the way. These guys made everything spot on.

Photo: Fredrik Broman;


To accomplish this in the middle of nowhere at a place that doesn´t even have running water is truly amazing. We did not miss anything (well i missed my bike) and service was superb. However this was a guys weekend and as the wine went down our judgement went out.  We had dessert and rum and by the time it was time for sauna and more beer it is actually a bit blurry. Hey, i´m a family man and not use to party all night. Still having good food in good company and top that with a beautiful place and beer and stuff is pretty hard to beat.

I remember Andreas brought the banjo before suna. I also have a have a tiny memory of the trolls lurking around in the dark. I took it for a dream but when i checked my phone in the morning it turns out i got pictures to prove it.


The service did not stop there. Next morning we were served breakfast for champs. Not that we deserved it but it sure made the hangover a bit lighter. Toast, fried eggs and coffee makes life good again.

Photo: Fredrik Broman,


Getronosan is just getting started. They not yet have a website but i´ll bet this place will be something really special. On top of this the Ore Trail runs by and cycling here is really good both summer and winter. I will be back but on two wheels next time. This is a great stop when bikepacking. If road bikers can combine fine dining and cycling i´ll bet fat bikers can do it better.

Thanks guys for an amazing weekend!


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