Fat Bike, Trails

New friends, same old trails

It´s funny how cycling makes people come together. I´ve made so many new friends during the years. Some just over the internet and some in real life and some both. I few weeks ago i met Eric. An Alaskan who moved here a few years ago for love.

Eric is an enthusiast, just like me, he rides fat, cross, mtb and road, just like me. Yesterday we went for our first ride together. It was fat bike time and we took a spin around the shores and trails along the Luleå river.

This was actually my first proper ride in weeks. Also first ride of the year on dirt. Feels good to be back in the saddle and i cant wait to get out again. Perhaps with a post bike brew and hot sauna.

Susie and Eric is soon opening up their own business and they have some pretty cool things going on. I’ll be back with a full report after the grand opening.

Thanks again for a nice ride Eric =)

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