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New bike shop, Ourorboros Luleå

ouroroboros luleåThis is pretty awesome news. A new bike shop as opened in town. Ourorboros is the combined yoga studio and bike shop. Eric moved here from Alaska about three years ago for love. Susanne brought him over here and now they are combining their passions in this cool shop.  Eric is a cyclist at heart and ride all disciplines. They will be selling Canondale and Orbea but are connected to lots of distributors.

They want to make their place not just to a shop but a sweet hang out place, where you can pop by for coffee and some bike talk. Susanne has her studio in the basement and are taking smaller classes,  when i visited them they were not quite ready with the yoga studio yet, but they´ll get there.

The thing i´m most exited about is their fleet of rental bikes. Besides regular mountain, cross and road bikes they got five Ice Cream Trucks sizes from small to large.

I get loads of requests from people around the word who wants to come and ride up here. Mainly during winter on the ice. Bringing a bike, especially a fat bike  on a plane is both expensive and risky. The ice Cream Truck is one lovely ride. 5″ tires and loads of bikepacking mounts.

When i started riding fat three years ago i could only dream of this. 2016 is the year when the fat bike bug got to Swedish Lapland. Lots of businesses is popping up and next winter is gonna be a blast. If you wanna come ride just contact me and i´ll hook you up with some sweet riding. You don´t even need to bring a bike.

Check out their website here. (will be coming in English soon)






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