Fatbike Adventures

Something is going on. There is a movement and it is FAT. The fat bike scene is exploding up here. Besides the new bike shop who got fatties for rent (ice cream trucks) my fat bike buddy Anders and some of his friends started a fat bike company located at Sandön.

Sandön (Sandy island) is one of my favorite spots for fat biking. It´s the biggest island in our archipelago and also the one closest to main land. You just need a dingy to cross the canal. But there are ferris going regularly to Klubbviken, the restaurant and cabins for rent further out on the island. Anders & Co have private summer cabins on Sandön and they all spent their childhood summers there. Since they started riding fat they been having an idea of offering guided tours and bikes for rent.

Now they’re finally in business. Fatbike Adventures is now real.

They put tighter a little fleet of rental fatties including kids bikes. They will cooperate with Klubbviken and are planning some pretty cool events. Yours truly might jump in as fat bike guide.

A couple of weeks ago i had the opportunity to go ride with them for some filming for Visit Luleå and their next promotion video for Luleå under the hashtag #theluleaway Pretty cool. Silverview know their stuff. You´ll know when the film is out, trust me.

How ever we got a pretty awesome day on the dunes and shores around beautiful Sandön. Anders hooked up some friends for riding and i tagged along. We took his boat to his cabin and made it our base camp for the day.

They got an old Honda ATC, how cool it that, for carrying the fatties around and i just looove the carriage they put together. Besides all the beaches and sand dunes there is tons of great trails through the pine forest. Did´t get any pics of them tough, to busy riding.

It´s always a blast to take people fat biking who hasn’t done it before. That silly grin on their face, i love it. We had a bit of luck as the sea level was a bit below. That makes the shallow beaches even more accessible. Blue skies didn’t make it worse either.

To thing that it has come to this. In just a few years fat bikes has gone from weird to quite common. Well they are still weird, in a good way. But people actually know what it is and you don’t need to explain. At least not as much. Maybe this is the beginning of Luleå becoming the fat bike capitol of Sweden. I can’t se why not. With places likt this and people like these making fat biking available for everyone. And i haven’t even mentioned winter cycling. Winter is the real bike season now. Summer is just a bonus, a pretty awesome bonus!

You can find Fatbike Adventures on Facebook. They´re pretty cool guys. I´m pretty stoked for the future of fat bike capitol LULEÅ.

Here a little clip from a solo autumn ride, October 2015

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