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Monstercross evening 

I finally found the time to take the Peregrine for a spin. It´s been ages since i got to ride my favorite route along the shores of the river of Luleå. This is a classic route about 20 kilometers on different conditions. Tarmac, gravel, singletrack and sand if you got fat tires. It´s called “around the bridges” because you need to cross the river twice. The trail starts along the north side where a beautiful hiking route runs along the riverside.

Lovely gravel roads along the shores.


It´s all gravel road until you get to Karlsvik and the old train yard. This is a beautiful place with a dark history. During WWII the Nazis used this place as a depot for supply and prisoners. A chapter in our history not to be proud of. Still they been standing here as a monument of evil. A few weeks however it all burned down. Probably arson, investigations still going on. In a way very sad since it remind us not to repeat history but kind of symbolic on how to deal with hate and fascism. The burned out trains were sadly beautiful.

A couple of kilometers along is my favorite place i Luleå. The sandslopes Niporna steep down to the river is just the most lovely place. Tight singeltrack among the pines on top of the high shore. This is a place i love to visit winter and summer. During winter i just go straight across the water. Luleå city lays in the background.


Time to cross the river and head back home. The Singular Peregrine performs excellent on gravel and singletrack but is also quite fast on tarmac. I honestly thinking of getting rid of the roadbike. Love the view of the old bridge when crossing.

On the way home i get to pass my old neighborhood. This is where i grew up. Just on the oposite of Niporna.  I remember the first night i spent sleeping outside with a friend. It was just here and i was around 13 years old. The midnightsun is still here and this turned out to be quite a nice evening for a ride. Also visited my sister who now live in our old house. It´s now been i our family for three generations, built in 1903.

Second bride crossing coming up and i´m back at the north side of the river. Just a spin around Gultza park and along the north harbor and then back home. I need to get out riding more often and i need to get Jessica a proper bike so she can join me. A bottle of wine and a blanket with her would have made a great evening ride perfect.



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