Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

A few days ago i had a scary wake up call. We were visiting my father in law (who is a total badass, ex navy officer who just turned 93 years old) at the hospital. He´s been there a few days due to an infection. As we sat along chatting when a nurse came to check his blood pressure. I have not checked mine in at least 25 years so i asked if she could take mine. Just for fun. No, problem, she´d be happy to check my blood pressure.

And what do you know! I totally off the charts. Way to high. She said i had to contact my Doctor first thing on Monday.

Things like this scare the shit out of me, and the most scary thing is i had no idea? I don´t know for how long i´ve had it. High blood pressure is not good, especially on long term.

I´ve been checking my pressure the last two days since Saturday, still very high.  But to day i finally got a doctors appointment. Hopefully it´s not such a big deal and it will go down. I´m doing loads of tests next week, quitting my dear “Snus” (tobacco) and cutting the salty stuff.

We do not have this in our family and i´m in pretty good shape, just a bit off since summer vacation. I´m sure i´ll be okey but it makes you think. I want to live as long as possible and die laughing. I wanna make love to my wife and watch my kids grow up. I wanna ride my bike every day. I wanna grow old but not grow up. Thing is i´m 45 years old i´m growing old, fast. Things like this is a part of life now. I´m not gonna let it tear me down. I´m gonna keep on going doing stuff i like.

Check this. It really made my day and inspired me to write this post. It´s a year old but i missed it somehow. I also kind of stole the title to this post from the end.


Monstercross, gravel bike, cyclocross, whatever – evening

Well, not sure what it’s called. Gravel or cx or what ever. Eric from Ourorboros gathered a bunch of riders for a evening event on the local trails. Weapon of choice, drop-bar bikes for fast trails and tarmac. It’s been a while since i got to take the old Singular Peregrine for a proper spin. This bike is just pure fun in the woods.

We met up at the shop and i got to borrow a pair of CB eggbeaters instead of my crappy clip pedals. We threw some beers in the fridge for after bike and headed out. Six happy campers four cx-bikes one full susser and me on my monstercross.

We went across the river to ride the trails around the airport. A huge pine area with loads of trails. I actually never rode this bike here before. This place got a lot of sand pits and are great with the fat bike.

But i must say it’s super fun to go monstercrossin’ here too.

What ever we choose to call it. Riding bikes with friends is pretty awesome. Call it cx or gravel it doesn´t matter as long as you´re having fun.

We managed to do 23 kilometers but who is counting anyway. It is a funny thing about late summer and autumn. I just wanna ride. During summer it´s all about family, vacation and chillin. Or maybe it is just me longing for the proper cycling season, Winter.

After a couple of hours playing around on the trails we headed back to town and the beer was cold back at the workshop. Cycling is fun. I´m going riding tonight again.





Island explorers 

Kevin is back in town for a few days before he’s heading up to Norway. Seems like every time he’s here we’re breaking new trails. A few years ago we were first on fat bikes on Skvalpen, last winter we were the first to ride over the ice to Brändöskär.

I’m still on summer leave from work and we decided to take the ferry to Sandön for some beach riding with Anders from

Pretty cool fat bike log parking

We´ve been riding Sandön a few times and it is always a nice spot for some sweet fat biking especially with Anders as our local guide. We met up with Anders at Fatbike Adventures  based on Klubbviken, the resort at Sandön. He suggested we should take his boat to the island across the canal and see if we could hit the trails all across the island.

Since we like a challenge it was game on. It is just a five minute boat ride across and we hit the shores of Likskär and Altappen. On this side LSS, our local yacht club have their club house and guest harbor. I´ve spent almost all my childhood here since sailing is what I’ve been doning since i was kid. But now it must have been at least 20 years since I’ve been here. I know the backside have some pretty neat shores, but i must say i did not remember them as this good. Could be that i never rode a fat bike here before.

The ride offered some sweet shores and rough trails. Eventually we found a trail that led us to the other side and Altappen.  100 years ago there were several hundred people living on this island. All working at the steelworks and the sawmill. It all burned down and now there is just ruins left.

I love getting to new places, well I’ve been here lots before but not by bike, and break new trails. These fat bikes just were made for exploring. Salsa could not be more spot on with their motto “Adventure by Bike” thats what it´s all about. Ad some friends to ride with and I’m pretty satisfied.Here is a little edit from our ride. Thanks guys, always a pleasure to ride with you.