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Monstercross, gravel bike, cyclocross, whatever – evening

Well, not sure what it’s called. Gravel or cx or what ever. Eric from Ourorboros gathered a bunch of riders for a evening event on the local trails. Weapon of choice, drop-bar bikes for fast trails and tarmac. It’s been a while since i got to take the old Singular Peregrine for a proper spin. This bike is just pure fun in the woods.

We met up at the shop and i got to borrow a pair of CB eggbeaters instead of my crappy clip pedals. We threw some beers in the fridge for after bike and headed out. Six happy campers four cx-bikes one full susser and me on my monstercross.

We went across the river to ride the trails around the airport. A huge pine area with loads of trails. I actually never rode this bike here before. This place got a lot of sand pits and are great with the fat bike.

But i must say it’s super fun to go monstercrossin’ here too.

What ever we choose to call it. Riding bikes with friends is pretty awesome. Call it cx or gravel it doesn´t matter as long as you´re having fun.

We managed to do 23 kilometers but who is counting anyway. It is a funny thing about late summer and autumn. I just wanna ride. During summer it´s all about family, vacation and chillin. Or maybe it is just me longing for the proper cycling season, Winter.

After a couple of hours playing around on the trails we headed back to town and the beer was cold back at the workshop. Cycling is fun. I´m going riding tonight again.





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