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Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

A few days ago i had a scary wake up call. We were visiting my father in law (who is a total badass, ex navy officer who just turned 93 years old) at the hospital. He´s been there a few days due to an infection. As we sat along chatting when a nurse came to check his blood pressure. I have not checked mine in at least 25 years so i asked if she could take mine. Just for fun. No, problem, she´d be happy to check my blood pressure.

And what do you know! I totally off the charts. Way to high. She said i had to contact my Doctor first thing on Monday.

Things like this scare the shit out of me, and the most scary thing is i had no idea? I don´t know for how long i´ve had it. High blood pressure is not good, especially on long term.

I´ve been checking my pressure the last two days since Saturday, still very high.  But to day i finally got a doctors appointment. Hopefully it´s not such a big deal and it will go down. I´m doing loads of tests next week, quitting my dear “Snus” (tobacco) and cutting the salty stuff.

We do not have this in our family and i´m in pretty good shape, just a bit off since summer vacation. I´m sure i´ll be okey but it makes you think. I want to live as long as possible and die laughing. I wanna make love to my wife and watch my kids grow up. I wanna ride my bike every day. I wanna grow old but not grow up. Thing is i´m 45 years old i´m growing old, fast. Things like this is a part of life now. I´m not gonna let it tear me down. I´m gonna keep on going doing stuff i like.

Check this. It really made my day and inspired me to write this post. It´s a year old but i missed it somehow. I also kind of stole the title to this post from the end.


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