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B.L.i.S.L 2.0

It´s been almost four years since i started Bike Life in Swedish Lapland, four awesome years. I´ve gotten new friends all over the world. It has opened up for me too write for, Salsa Cycles culture blog and When i began it was obvious that i should write in English. I wanted to reach wider audience and also to prove how alike we are. I have the same feelings and references as my Japanese, Irish or South American bicycle friends.

It´s been my dream and a idea since i started to take this blog a step further. Now it is finally time. Bike Life in Swedish Lapland is now turned in to a little company. The site will get an update and i will add a little webshop. I will still keep on writing about my passion for bikes and living on the 66 north degree in Luleå Swedish Lapland. In the webshop you will find some cool B.L.i.S.L merchandise and some cool t-shirts from my favorite brand. I will add more cool stuff further on.

New site teaser

My good friend Lars is helping me with the new site and the plan is to launch Wednesday 7th of December. I´m not sure if you who are following me by email will continue to do that. But there will be a “Follow me” button on the new site too.

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