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The Emerald Fat bike connection – Part one


November 26:th 2014 i got an email from an Irish bike mechanic who wanted to come over to ride with me on the ice in our archipelago. But due to different circumstances he were not able to make it. We emailed back and forth a bit but we lost contact after a while.


img_8315About one year later i made a comment on a beautiful titanium Mukluk against a cliff covered in green Algiers on the super geeky Facebook page “look at my bike leaning at stuff”. This page has about 27 000 members and bikes are posted there by the minute so the chance of seeing all is impossible. Anyway this turned out to be Wayne´s bike pic, and at the moment i did not make the connection at all.


This made us Facebook friends and since then we been texting every now and then. I know Wayne has been longing to get here, and back in December he texted to let me know he booked a flight to Luleå and he was bringing his friend Oscar. How awesome is that! All of a sudden these guys is sitting in the snow on my back yard having coffee with Jessica.


This is the thing i love about the global cycling community. Getting new friends from all over the world, friends that you never could have met if it weren’t for cycling.

The guys came early on Sunday morning so there was time to take a little spin on the local trails before heading out at the bikepacking adventure in the archipelago the next day.Wayne, who works as a bike mechanic brought his stunning Titanium REEB fat bike equipped with Lauf fork and Rohloff rear hub with beltdrive. It’s just a beast! Oscar went for renting an ICT from Ourorboros.


Wayne had some experience from snow riding but Oscar had never ridden snow and ice before. I picked up the ICT on Saturday and as soon as Wayne got the TiDonk together again we went for a spin.


Of course they were here for riding the ice and we went down to the city ice road just to get a preview on what was coming up. The plan was to get out to Brändöskar and do an overnighter like i did with Kevin last year.

More on that in next post.

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