Roamer update #2

Things are moving ahead pretty slow, but since it´s summer i don’t spend that much time in the saddle. Me and Jessica got a few weeks off work and spending the time with the family just hanging around on the local beaches during the days and having wine with friends in the evenings. July is actually the month of the year i ride the least. Plus i bent my knee a few months ago and I’m still rehabilitating from that. However the waiting is still painful, you all know how it is to wait  for a new bike. =)

But now it´s getting closer. The frame is ready and is just waiting for the BTR´s new awesome head badges and the clear coating. I got all the parts lined up accept the dropper post. I actually haven’t decided what to go for yet. But Thomson Covert is where my thoughts are. I had the Thomson at the Instigator and i was very pleased with it.

The Roamer will have internal cable routing and i prefer wire remote so that also is in favor for Thomson, it´s just a bit expensive. 

Don’t it look just stunning. Can’t wait to take it out on the trails. Sure it’s been a long wait but Burf and Tam do not do things half way. Their dedication to make perfect bikes is one of a kind and i know their doing their best. Also this frame is very custom, even the front and rear axel is deep custom. 

Hopefully next Roamer update is due in pretty soon. 



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