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Roamer update #4 “There can be only one”

After a series unfortunate events the last pices of the puzzle finally fell into place. Finally time to put the Roamer together. I took a day couple of days off from work to build her up. I really enjoy bike building and every thing went according to plan. The only thing that was a hassle was fitting the seat post, but after a few twerks with the cable it worked like a charm. The thing i was worried about was changing the rear break hose. But that was way easier than fitting the post. Shimanos bleeding system is genius and super easy.

By the time i was ready a heavy rain fell and it had started to get dark. Good for me i had another day off work to ride…

Firts impressions, the engineering on the frame is stunning Burf is a genius. When mounting a new bike it takes a while before it’s tuned in. But getting on this was like coming home. Tam has nailed my wishes and it totally lived up to my expectations. It’s exactly the bike i had in mind. Comfortable but still aggressive with the slack 67′ head angle and short 435 mm chain stays. Wide bars and high stack makes it very easy to handle. The Roame is ready to take a 120 mm suspension fork but that’ll have to wait untill next summer. However the rigid fork works like a charm on roots and rocks combined with the 4.4″ Jumbo Jims. It’s rides like a freight train down hill and climbs like a goat. The short rear end makes cornering and jumping a walk in the park. It’s my riding skills rather then the bike that sets the limits.

There were a few people that had thought about if BTR was able to make a fat bike since they never built one before. The thing is fat bikes are mountain bikes and it doesn’t have to be slow and bulky just because it has more rubber.

Once again thank you Tam and Burf at BTR-Fabrications for making my dream come true. Cheers guys you rock!

Can’t wait to get it up to the big mountains in a few weeks.


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