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This was supposed to be a status shared on B.L.i.S.L Facebook page but when I started writing about the link i realized i had to write more than just a status update.
My friend Mike “Kid” Reimer of Salsa Cycles wrote such a great article on The Radavist about the new Salsa Blackborrow that wasn’t about the bike at all. 
I will not rewrite Mikes story, but have to add that this is what passions do, it brings people togheter. Regardless if they are, cycling, fishing, skiing, yoga, trainspotting, art, you name it. 

In times like these we need to come together. I’ve made so many new friends around the world thanks to my passion. Some I’ve met and some i know i will meet some day. 

“The bicycle became one of my passions. The bicycle has been a blessing to me. It lets us relive our youth. It erases time in some ways, and let’s us play when we’re told that we shouldn’t be playing with toys anymore. It offers escape, both mentally and physically. We become dreamers on two wheels.”

Do your self a favor and klick the pic below and read.

Oh, and the new Blackborrow is pretty sweet too… 

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