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All Mountain weekend, Reinnesfjellet slick rock, Norway

Since we´re far up in the arctic we might as well go to Norway. I love the Swedish mountains but Norway is something complete different. That might sound strange when we´re so close to each other. But really it´s a huge different, higher peaks, steeper mountains and the fjords…. About one hour drive from Björkliden lays the town of Narvik. It´s connected to the Atlantic by a deep fjord and sometimes you can smell the ocean even in Björkliden. Another hour from Narvik along the fjord is the amazing Reinnesfjellet, a huge slick rock formation among the high peaks. This is a place i´ve been dreaming of visiting for the past years but never had the chance.

You actually would need two days here but this time we weren’t able to stay over. So we stopped at the foot of the mountain for some bike´n hike and foolin around on the rocks, witch isn’t t so bad either.

After a short hike we reach the lower plateau, it´s quite windy today to but we found some shelter and set a little camp. A sandwich and some coffee and we could leave our gear and just play around on the rocks. It´s like a huge skatepark, you kind of feel like an ant on a boulder.

Doing stuff like this, on a place like this is so much fun. It sure bring out the kid in you.  Johan brought the big gun and shot some great photos…

On the way back we stopped by a huge natural halfpipe. Awesome place to test your skills and guts. I really need to go back here and to the whole trail. There is a camping site below but it´s ok to just put up a tent among the pines and stay the night.

It´s on the bucket list!

Check out Singletrack Narvik for more info on the area.


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