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Mind the gap

Living in a part of the world where we get proper seasons is pretty sweet. Bright warm summers and cold dark winters makes one appreciate things a little bit more. I love the contrasts of beach riding and going far out on frozen water with just months in between. The only time of year that kind of sucks is before the snow arrives. Mostly gray, dull and pretty ugly. The autumn on Lat N66 is long, but there is a short gap just before the leaves fall and the frosty nights comes along.

That short gap is happening right now. Misty days and color explosions in our forests. Yesterday i had the day off and went for a spin just along the local trails around Luleå.

Going in to the woods this time of year is amazing, so very quiet and calm. Regardless of the foggy weather and grey skies the autumn colors exploded.

I took the trail out to the Old Church Town again. This has become one of my favorite recreation trails, so close to home yet a spectacular trail. It  goes through a marshland with rooty trails and some board walks. Very wet and slippery.


Along the trail i found some snowmobile trail signs, i need to check these out when winter arrives, always feel strange to see these signs since there is absolutely nothing that indicates there is a trail here during winter. Love these contrasts…

The trail ends at the Old Church Town, another unique place since it´s on UNESCO´s world heritage list. If you thought red cabins with white corners is a myth, think again. Here is a whole town of them around the 16th century  church.

From here it´s just about one kilometer down to the river of Luleå. I stopped by the local kebab place and got me some lunch to eat by the river. The benefit of riding local trails is you´re always close to civilization and a kebab roll is excellent fuel to a hungry fatbiker.

I tried to find a trail along the river to the sandy shores further down but i had to pass through some residential areas before the shore line was rideble. I love visiting public beaches and tourist areas off season. Quiet and colorful with only memories from happy kids, sunbathing people and  the summer gang having beer and barbecue.

It was a bit of luck to nail the day off with the beautiful fog and the colors of autumn.

Mind the gap, it´s soon long gone…

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