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The Emerald Fat Bike connection – Part four, Wayne and Emma

This is the first of a series of post from our Ireland trip. 

(More to come about and the riding.)

Here is what happens when you ride bikes. Back in March i had some new friends over from Ireland to ride the ice of the Bay of Bothnia. Check the story on how we met HERE.

Wayne and Oscar from Wicklow Ireland became my new best friends and we had an awesome time in Luleå. We were immediately invited to come over to Ireland and in early October the whole family was air born for Dublin.

Wicklow town in located 60 km south of Dublin along the beautiful east coast. A small but very charming town just as Irish you can imagine.  Wayne and hos lovely wife Emma lives just outside Wicklow town at a beautiful little place called the Sugarloaf Cottages since they are awesome people the set us up with our own house for the week.

Here is a funny thing. When Wayne came over to Sweden back in March we actually never met in real life, so having people over staying at your house can be at bit of a gamble. It turned out Wayne is my brother form another mother and from the first day it was like we´d known each other for ever. Now would it be the same with Emma who we never met. Well, turned out pretty well. Emma is as awesome as Wayne (duh, they´re married) and the girls were pretty much a match made in heaven, or maybe hell.

Emma and Wayne had both taken the week off to hang with us and show us their beautiful island. I love travelling like this. You´re living your trip instead of just stand beside and observe. The guys had the whole week pretty much planned out. We arrived at noon so our first day was still just beginning. Since the Sugarloaf Cottages are just a few hundred meters from the beach be took a walk down to check it out. I must confess beaches is not the first thing that comes in to my mind when i think about Ireland.

This was just the beginning of a week of fun. The guys took us to the most amazing places like Glendalough. The valley of two lakes with the early medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century. A beautiful valley with 1 000 year old church ruins and an epic graveyard.

This part of Ireland is called the ancient east. This is were the vikings came and looted and there is still signs of their raids. Game of Thrones and Vikings both are filmed in this area in Ireland. Just by the town of Wicklow is ruins of the Black Castle that was built on and old viking fort.

Besides the cycling, (more about that in next post) the people, the food and of course the beer was my favorite. Wicklow is filled with pubs and the craft beer scene is fantastic. I´ve never had so much good beer in my life. I´m not much of a stout person like my dear wife, Jessica loves it. But the Wicklow Brewery Black 16 stout was something else. Wayne and Emma gave us a night off from the kids and Wayne drove us to the village of Red Cross for a visit to Mickey Finn´s the most Irish pub combined with the award winning Wicklow brewery . I´ve never had better shrimps and beer in my life. A truly outstanding experience.

Besides all this it was hanging out with new friends that feels like you known for a life time. We´re so lucky to have you guys (Wayne and Emma) as friends. Our week was perfect and we love you so much. Thank you for having us and it´s gonna be awesome to see you again so we can return you fantastic hospitality. Love you!

Next post will be all about the riding, that was super!

Stay tuned folks

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