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In between

November, the most dull month of the year. It´s that time when we´re just waiting for the winter to arrive. Short days, rain, cold but not dry like in the winter. But all of a sudden temperature drops and the sun show herself. This year i have not visited Sandön at all with my bike. Water levels been to high and i just haven´t had the time. But when November shows off this side it´s time to grab the opportunity.

We got a few centimeters of snow i the last few days. Just a thin layer and the summer trails is still showing and are still possible to ride. This kind of pre-winter is very rare up here. Usually it comes more snow or it melts away. It´s the in between-season.

I got the Wednesday off and asked Anders at Fatbikeadventures.se  (Sandön is their turf) if i could borrow his dingy for passing the canal to Sandön, my happy place.

Sandön is very close but you need a boat to make the crossing. And once you´re there is like being far away in the wilderness even tough it´s a 15 minute drive from central Luleå. The plan was to go all the way to the outer side and have lunch on the beach.

This was the first taste of snow for the BTR-Roamer and first trip to Sandön with the new bike. The more aggressive geo on the BTR works like a charm on the trails. Unfortunately the water levels is still pretty high, about 30 cm over normal so the beach riding was a bit restricted. Due to cold nights and days the ice is growing fast but on the outside it just ice along the shores.

So glad i made it out, days like this one are one in a million. I´ll guess next time i have to wait for the canal to freeze to make the crossing. There is a short gap when nether boat or bike is possible. But then again i just might get back next week. It all depends on the weather.  Winter is coming and i can´t wait to get out there again.

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