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So it begins

The last few days have been cold. This morning the thermometer showed -17 Celsius i had the morning off and it´s about time to check the status of the ice.

When it´s cold the ice grows fast but it´s still to early to go far out. I took about an hour spin to check the conditions.

I went in to town and rode just outside the shores that surrounds Luleå. I´d say the ice is about 15-20 cm up to 30 meters from the shore. I didn’t go any further out cos i forgot my ice pikes. The short days makes it blue hour almost for the short three hours the sun are up.

I´m feeling so blessed to have this so close to home. I can’t wait for it to freeze up all the way. If this continues were in for a kick ass season on the ice. Forecast says more cold an snow. I prefer cold before snow, the ice needs to build up and it´s so good to ride when it´s dry and cold.

Even tho it was a short spin it´s a taste of things to come. Winter is here and i´m in love.

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