Fat Bike, winter cycling

Getting out there

Ice been covering the bay for a few weeks now. But heavy snowfall followed by low temperatures makes conditions a bit difficult. Today it was a few degrees below freezing and me and Andreas decided to try to cross over to Gråsjälören , the tiny island in the city bay where there’s waffles and coffee served during winter season. The ice roads are yet not finished due to warm weather and today we were the first to visit for the season. We started in the north harbor and it was super wet, but luckily we didn’t gave in.

After about a kilometer it became easier and the snow carried us without going through to the slushy layer.

We’re one week away from the winter solstice and the days are as short they can be. But on days like these, when the sun is up the light is amazing. Like a never ending dawn.

This usually an easy ride since the official ice road goes out to the island but in these conditions it a bit of a hassle.

Having coffee at noon and watch the sun set is pretty cool but business as usual at lat N66.

I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good season and i can’t wait to get out again. Next time we’re going a bit further out. Heading back was pretty fast and fun, the Luleå skyline looks awesome in the December sun. I love it here…

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