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The Fat Awakens

Guess what, winter sucks! Dark, cold and snowy. I’m freezing and don’t wanna go outside any more. Naaaw… I’m just kidding. Winter is awesome and it’s me who’s been lazy the last two months. But to be honest. We had quite a rough one this year. Two kinds of weather, super cold or super snow. About 140 cm so far and temperatures between -15 and -25 Celsius for months. The trails been super soft and there’s been a huge lack of riding besides commuting. Also, did I mention I’ve grown lazy?

Yup, thats a handlebar under the snow.

But there has been an awakening. Yesterday we went down to the ice with the kids to hang out. Barbecue, ice skating and random fun on the ice track. Guess what, the sun was warm on my face and the trails looked awesome. March is our fifth season and it is finally here!

The local ice track of Luleå is a lovely place. It runs around the town and off to a little island in the city bay where waffles are served. There are loads of fire places with fire wood provided by the town.

Here’s what you get on a random Monday in Luleå.

I´m awake again and I have a feeling the spring and summer of 2018 gonna be awesome. I have a new/old bike project, some cool things going on the Instagram and plans for a kick ass summer event.

Stay awesome folks and i´ll be back soon with a build report on the weird shit going on in the mancave.

2 thoughts on “The Fat Awakens”

  1. I guess snow depth is a relative thing. We got that much in Anchorage this winter and people are whining that we didn’t get enough snow. That did look like a great day!

    1. Haha… sure is relative. I prefer loads of snow compared to the last years lack of snow. But it’s nice with a break so the trails get to harden up. 🙂

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