Instigator ++ The fat bike wannabe

Since I’ve built up the BTR the bike building kind of been on hold. Usually I have a project during the winter. But since I now have the ultimate bike (BTR💛) its not really a problem or…?

Yeah, to be honest, I miss having a project. To afford my dream bike I got rid of my titanium road bike and my Surly Instigator, well almost got rid of the Instigator, sold all the parts but frame and wheels. They’ve been lying around all lonely and unused.

Hm, ain’t that shame? So let’s build something weird and fun. I’ve always been a fan of the singlespeed community but never had a singlespeed mountain bike. You can see where this is heading right. So inspired by all the awesome klunker-ish bikes out there like Oddity’s and the 8 Lumens crew The Instigator is coming back to life. The idea is to spend as little money as possible. I got loads of parts lying around besides wheels and frame.

The frame is 27.5″ or 26+. But Surly makes fatties fit fine so let’s find out how fat.

I have one Nate 3.8 and one Larry 3.8″ and wadda you know!? The Larry actually fit in the rear on my Alexrims DX32.

But the Nates are just a little bit to wide. The side knobs rub the chain stays. That’s easily fixed with some carving.

The thing I didn’t have was a fork. The Instigator is made for 140 mm travel and finding a long rigid fork with tapered steerer and 15mm through axle was a bit of a pain. But turns out Identiti have one. The Boost XCT rigid steel fork. 483mm AC will do. Ok it’s boost but there is adapt kits to fix that so no worries. I got some help from my connections with the steel is real fb group and the fork is here. The big question, would it take 3.8″ tires? Yeah baby it did!

I got a second hand Thomson stem from a bike forum and my Razor bars from the Mukluk that my wife thought were to wide. And there is the cockpit.

I found a broken dropper from X-Fusion that I forgot I had, and guess what 30.9 mm so it fits. With help from X-Fusions excellent service videos it now works like a charm.

The frame came with changeable dropouts but I’m staying with 142 through axle instead of the horizontal dropouts and putting on a chain tensioner and will try dinglespeed. Two rear cogs to switch between by hand. We’ll see if the chain line will work with the wide tires.

Yeah I know. This is going to be a bastard but hey, bikes are about fun. And this is going to be hilarious.

Stay tuned for updates… and let’s keep cycling weird.

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