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Last Ride to the Outer Rims

Sorry for posting the exactly same ride as before. But we just had get out to Brändöskär again and i just had to make a post cos it was the ride of the year.

During the weekend the temperature rose to over +20 in the sun. If there was a chance to go out in the outer archipelago it was now or never. The ice road is starting to get really sketchy and today they closed all the sea connections.

Monday morning i texted Eric at the guiding company Ouroboros and said it´s now or we have to wait until next April. I won´t bother with the details since you can read about them in the previous ride report  here.

But just let me tell you, riding 25 km over a frozen sea in almost summer gear is once in a year experience.

I´ll just let the pictures do the talking….



Check the Strava logging on the ride here.

Relive ‘Pack ice ride’


Now i´m looking forward to summer trails and cold beer in the midnight sun on a beach.

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