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Oops, i did it again

I kind of started a new bike project. Since we hang out quite a lot in the local skate park, me and the kids. And with Emmy getting a mini bmx for christmas I figured i needed a proper bike too. Said and done, i bought my self an old DMR Switchback frame and a… Continue reading Oops, i did it again

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De-crossing the Monster cross.

Since this autumn mostly contains of rain and damp weather. I decided to do some upgrades on the Singular Peregrine. It has been built as the basic Monster cross. 29" 2.0 Race kings, midge bars and no fenders. It´s been my all rounder for a couple of years. But now when the fat bike joined… Continue reading De-crossing the Monster cross.

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The emptiness of a finished project.

I´m a cyclist. I love riding, even if it´s just 200 meters to buy some milk at the grocery store. But i´ve come to love building bikes more and more. I have put all my bikes together by myself (except the Pitch). Actually that's the only way i can afford to have quite a sweet… Continue reading The emptiness of a finished project.

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Fat bike update 3. (Getting shit done.)

Finally getting somewhere on the Mukluk project. The rims that i got from On-one wasn't drilled. But inspired by this youtube clip i decided to give it a shot. I save about 300 grams a rim and it looks way more cooler. I got the tip to use a step drill instead of a hole… Continue reading Fat bike update 3. (Getting shit done.)

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Fat bike update II.

A while ago i got the wheels for the Fat bike project. The plan was to have buy custum built wheel set. Surly holyroller rims on Hope fatsno hubs. Great wheels but veeery expensive and hard to get. But, On-one just released their fatty wheel set for less then half the price. I've had some… Continue reading Fat bike update II.

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Single speed project, update.

My single speed project is going pretty slow. The old steel GT has been ready for paiting a couple of weeks. Today i finally did it. I also bought some cool stickers on ebay. The result is better than i could imagine. Now i'm just waiting for a single speed kit and chain tensioner from… Continue reading Single speed project, update.

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Single speed project.

Summer is here for sure and the fat bike project is resting. We truly have some amazing weather the last week. This pic is from 21.30 tonight. Midnight sun is on its way and the temperatur is around 20 degrees Celsius. The last week we had some old friends staying with us. The blog updates… Continue reading Single speed project.

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Dull weather and spring pimping.

Long boring week with terrible weather. This time of year i just want the sun to glow so the summer starts for real. But instead a cold rain has been washing down for a couple of days. And ith Like this... I´ve still been fixing up the Peregrine for summer duty. New tyres, Crank brothers… Continue reading Dull weather and spring pimping.