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The annual Bike Fest 2013.

Yesterday it was finally time for one of the summer highlights. The annual bike fest. It´s a pretty easy concept. Gather a few friends. Bring your bike and ride together to the local waterholes on the outskirts of town. Have a beer at each establishment and try to make it in to town. The first… Continue reading The annual Bike Fest 2013.

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Fat bike update II.

A while ago i got the wheels for the Fat bike project. The plan was to have buy custum built wheel set. Surly holyroller rims on Hope fatsno hubs. Great wheels but veeery expensive and hard to get. But, On-one just released their fatty wheel set for less then half the price. I've had some… Continue reading Fat bike update II.

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Bike Rally, Skellefteå.

Last friday we loaded the bike for a road trip down to Skellefteå. Stefan or "Stojje" the founder of Northen-safaris.se had arranged a unofficial bike rally. The idea is to run a few heats on different trails, ad the time of your runs to win. It´s mostly all about to hang out, run trails, talk… Continue reading Bike Rally, Skellefteå.


Hail to the King!

He´s done it again. Danny MacAskill is back on the web with a new film. In a world where we are over loaded with new action films every day and almost everyone has a GoPro. Mr MacAskill has re-invent the genre. I bow down i respect. All Hail To The KING! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv3xVOs7_No

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Double tap Wednesday.

The weather is still crazy in Swedish Lapland. Ok i know i´ve been ranting about it but seriously. 29° C in May!? I cant remember the last time that happend. I had the morning off today and took a pretty long morning ride. Just an amazing day for cycling. I went up stream on the… Continue reading Double tap Wednesday.

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Single speed project.

Summer is here for sure and the fat bike project is resting. We truly have some amazing weather the last week. This pic is from 21.30 tonight. Midnight sun is on its way and the temperatur is around 20 degrees Celsius. The last week we had some old friends staying with us. The blog updates… Continue reading Single speed project.

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Morning rush.

On the lunch ride yesterday me and Lars made plans for a longer tour today. Since i'm working it had to be a morning ride. It turned out we could not have made better plans. The weather is still better then on the Riviera (I know for a fact, some of my frinds are down… Continue reading Morning rush.

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Lunch in a world of contrast.

All of a sudden Summer is here. +20 c and a warm breeze. It feels kind of wierd with brown lawns and naked trees after a long winter. Since i'm working late to day i rode the Pitch to work. Figured i'd do some maintance in the afternoon. Just before lunch Lars texted me and… Continue reading Lunch in a world of contrast.