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Friends, rain and fish at Aurora safari camp.

Once again it was time to return to Råneå river valley and our dear friends Anna and Fredrik. We have not been here since easter. This time we got an invitation for a mackerel feast along with some other dear friends. Fredrik, founder of also runs an amazing Safari camp along the Råneå river.… Continue reading Friends, rain and fish at Aurora safari camp.

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Never forget. Never stop trying.

The thing about autumn i always forget is my feelings of loss and how short life is. Since i lost my father nine years ago (has it really been that long) this beautiful time of year always bring back memories. My dad was my best friend and we were very close. He was strong as… Continue reading Never forget. Never stop trying.

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Road trip and Fat bike frenzy.

We been on a family road trip and the blog´s been resting for about a week. The old Toyota took us to a late summer week in Stockholm. Well, now we´re home again and the autumn really got a grip on Swedish Lapland. Normally this time of year it feels a little bit empty since… Continue reading Road trip and Fat bike frenzy.

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Food bonanza and beautiful nights.

I've had quite a busy week. Not much time for riding besides to work. But the other night we went out to check the DH-trails we´re building in the local ski slope. We´re planing to finish up with a excavator before the snow arrives. I had the gopro with me. Some shots of the trail… Continue reading Food bonanza and beautiful nights.

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Beach life in Swedish Lapland.

It´s been a crazy hot week in Luleå. Well deserved since July has been very cold for the time of the year. Jess and the kids has been bathing every day. I have been stuck at work but for the weekend i finally got to tag along. The Gopro HD hero may be a cool… Continue reading Beach life in Swedish Lapland.

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Road trip, Råneå Älvdal.

Since we're both off work a couple of weeks. Me and Jess decided to take the kids on a trip to our dear friends in Överstbyn. Up river in Råne älvdal. Sara and Andreas has the most lovely classic swedish cabin, red with white corners. We packed for spending the night and we actually ended… Continue reading Road trip, Råneå Älvdal.

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Steel Park hang out.

i´m off work now for a couple of weeks. Been hanging with the kids at the skate park almost every day. My friend Micke and his son came up from Piteå the other day and we ended up staying the whole day in the concrete playground. Micke brought his Specialized P2. I really would like… Continue reading Steel Park hang out.

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Queer weekend and Duck tales.

This weekend was daddy weekend. My lovely Jessica went to Stockholm for an old friends wedding. So it was just me and the lil' devils for a few days. Saturday was queer day as we spent all day at the Pride festival. It's the second year for Luleås own Pride festival. I think it's important… Continue reading Queer weekend and Duck tales.

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B-day and skate park picnic.

So, i turned 42(!?) yesterday. Could not think of a better way to celebrate than hang with the family in the local skate park. We packed some food, the kids kickbikes and went about. Sunday mornings in the skate park are pretty soft. Mostly familys and kids. We hooked up with some friends and had… Continue reading B-day and skate park picnic.

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Two of a kind.

It´s truly an awesome feeling when your kids turn out to like the same things as you. Ok, i know it might change over the years. But right now my 6 year old daughter loves to go ride with me on the small hill just next to where we live. Last Sunday i went with… Continue reading Two of a kind.