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Love, life and friends is all that matters

I´m sitting in the office at work and writing a post about our amazing wedding last Saturday. While i´m scanning through the pictures by my good friend Fredrik at i get interrupted by a customer. An old man by the counter. He tells me his wife passed away last week and he needs a… Continue reading Love, life and friends is all that matters

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Fuck cancer, ride your bike

The story of Ezra Caldwell reached via social media. Nine years ago i lost my father to cancer. Getting older cancer scares the shit out of me. Stories like Ezras are hopeful and yet terrifying. To watch him put down all his effort to ride. Despite going through treatment and being sick as hell. The… Continue reading Fuck cancer, ride your bike

Family life, Inspiration

Never forget. Never stop trying.

The thing about autumn i always forget is my feelings of loss and how short life is. Since i lost my father nine years ago (has it really been that long) this beautiful time of year always bring back memories. My dad was my best friend and we were very close. He was strong as… Continue reading Never forget. Never stop trying.