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Sunday, fun day.

We got an invitation from our friends in Piteå to ride at Råberget. Our neighbor town a few miles south. The conditions for some great winter trail riding is great. The nights are cold and the sun warm up the days. Magnus, Sven and i met up early, 8.00 am. We packed the car and… Continue reading Sunday, fun day.

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Road love.

I´ve been a dedicated mountain biker since the early nineties. Even if i had a few years without a proper mtb i´ve always had my heart in the forests and mountains. When a new friend of mine, who moved here from the southern part of Sweden asked me why i hadn't tried road cycling i… Continue reading Road love.

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Damn you virus, damn you straight to hell!

Life could be better. Kids still sick, or at least one of them. Sent the little one to day care. The whole staff was sick and about half of the kids were home. Good thing they have great substitutes. I´ll take the six year old with me to work today. Now i´m sitting and trying… Continue reading Damn you virus, damn you straight to hell!