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Ice ice baby

Since temperature has dropped to comfy -16°c(?) I took a little spin up river today. A damp warm beginning of winter. Followed by a few super cold weeks and no snow dumping has made the ice perfect for riding. You can literally ride any where you like. Go in one direction and just, hey! I… Continue reading Ice ice baby

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Stay frosty

The plan for the weekend was to take a longer ride to one of the islands in the archipelago. Jopik Gården at Hindersön got a great café with awesome waffles. But mother nature had other plans for us. Temperature dropped to around -30°C today and going out on a 40 km ride on the ice… Continue reading Stay frosty

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Snow beer bikes

Thursdays usually is my skate park night. But today winter came. So i took the Muk' on a ride around town. And now i'm sitting at the local pub having a brew to celebrate winter and winter rides to come. And now Lars dropped in... Cheers! May the snow be with you.

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Happy Global fat bike day

7 december 2013 is global fat bike day. Fat bikers across the world unite and ride in peace. I'm off to work. The backside of running your own shop in christmas times. No saturdays off. But at least i got to ride the Muk' to work. I hope you all have a good day and… Continue reading Happy Global fat bike day

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Ice, ice baby

I had a few minutes over before work this morning. So i took the Muk´on a little ride down to the docks. Last night was the coldest so far this autumn and during the night a thin ice layer covered our city bay. Hopefully the cold weather holds on. Then the iceroad between north and… Continue reading Ice, ice baby

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Stay frosty.

I had my first proper snow ride last sunday. We had our fair share of rain this autumn but now the cold weather is here to stay. The local trails are coverd with a thin layer of hard packed snow. I was exited to finally try out the white queen in her right element. Even… Continue reading Stay frosty.

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Autumn on pause.

It really looked good there for a while. Beautiful sunny days, a few centimeters of snow and temperatures below zero. The ices started to build up and it really felt like the winter was on its way. Then, the rain and warm winds came back. My cold, that´s been stuck on my lungs got worse… Continue reading Autumn on pause.

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Fat Video Tuesday & bad market evaluation.

Last week Fat-bike.com contacted me and asked if they could post my Fat bike fun video as their Fat Video Tuesday flick. I got to say that i am mighty proud. =) (click on the pic and go to fat-bike.com) I know that i´ve been ranting about Fat-bike.com in the last posts. But they are… Continue reading Fat Video Tuesday & bad market evaluation.

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Autumn ride with n00bs.

Finally the ever so persistent cold starting to loose it´s grip and today i went on my first proper ride in weeks. For a few while we have planed to take a ride with some of the border members of our outdoor association Friluftsfrämjandet. Where we just started a mountain bike branch. Petter and Beatrice… Continue reading Autumn ride with n00bs.

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Dull boy making fun winter plans.

I haven´t been out on a proper ride in four weeks. Lots of work and a bad ass cold that has worn down my trachea with bad asthma as result. I really cant remember the last time i was broken for such a long time. I spend the days planning to upgrade my bikes. The… Continue reading Dull boy making fun winter plans.