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Spring is in the air.

Finally it feels like spring is starting to get a grip of things up here. March is really a slow month, it´s so in between winter and summer. But now the the sun is really warming up and the roads starts to be free from ice. I acctually rode the whole way to work on… Continue reading Spring is in the air.

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Kaffenback pic update.

Lars had his bike for a few days now. He send me some pics. Of course he stores the bike at his funky office Loveatwork This is outside with the north harbor in the background. The truth is out there. Can´t wait until summer. Then we´ll swap those contis for some clean Shcwalbe Kojak slicks… Continue reading Kaffenback pic update.

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Lars and the real bike.

So my friend Lars has been bitten by the bike bug. I´ll guess i´m not totally innocent of that. 🙂 Anyway, we started to plan a this fall and settled for a PlanetX Kaffenback frame set. Steel frame with disc breaks and space for 35mm tires. Since my bike shack isn´t ready yet we have… Continue reading Lars and the real bike.