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Sweet dreams are made of…

There are meny diffrent schools regarding frame material. Many means that "Steel is real". Others think carbon fiber is the way to go, light, stiff and stealthy. Aluminum is cheap, light and most common. But as the Highlander says: There can be only one! And the one who lives forever is of course Titanium. The… Continue reading Sweet dreams are made of…


Yoga ride.

Had a few hard working weeks with long days. I have not been out on the Mistral in four weeks. The other day i finally went for a well deserved ride. I hooked up with Lars and we got a sweet 70 km ride in the beatuiful evening sun of Swedish Lapland. The old mill… Continue reading Yoga ride.

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Double tap Wednesday.

The weather is still crazy in Swedish Lapland. Ok i know i´ve been ranting about it but seriously. 29° C in May!? I cant remember the last time that happend. I had the morning off today and took a pretty long morning ride. Just an amazing day for cycling. I went up stream on the… Continue reading Double tap Wednesday.

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Morning rush.

On the lunch ride yesterday me and Lars made plans for a longer tour today. Since i'm working it had to be a morning ride. It turned out we could not have made better plans. The weather is still better then on the Riviera (I know for a fact, some of my frinds are down… Continue reading Morning rush.


2013 Road premiere.

Finally i got to take the roadie for a spin. It´s been a few rainy days and we actually had some snow just two days ago. But it went away quite fast. Woke up this morning to a bright spring sun. The thermometer showed 12° c in the shadow so it was shorts weather. ;)… Continue reading 2013 Road premiere.