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Sweet dreams are made of…

There are meny diffrent schools regarding frame material. Many means that "Steel is real". Others think carbon fiber is the way to go, light, stiff and stealthy. Aluminum is cheap, light and most common. But as the Highlander says: There can be only one! And the one who lives forever is of course Titanium. The… Continue reading Sweet dreams are made of…

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Fat Bike Fun!

I had the fat bike for a week now. I just gotta say. It´s the most fun bike i ever owned. It sure is a eye catcher. If you want to be discrete fat bikes are not for you. 😉 Almost every one asks: What do you use it for? Isn´t it heavy to ride… Continue reading Fat Bike Fun!

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Hail to the White Queen!

It´s finally ready. I´ve been working on the fat bike since January. The plan was to have it ready for winter but the urge to ride it at our sandy trails was to big. I must say i was pretty curios how it would handle with those big floating tires. Would it be heavy and… Continue reading Hail to the White Queen!

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The emptiness of a finished project.

I´m a cyclist. I love riding, even if it´s just 200 meters to buy some milk at the grocery store. But i´ve come to love building bikes more and more. I have put all my bikes together by myself (except the Pitch). Actually that's the only way i can afford to have quite a sweet… Continue reading The emptiness of a finished project.

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Fat bike update 3. (Getting shit done.)

Finally getting somewhere on the Mukluk project. The rims that i got from On-one wasn't drilled. But inspired by this youtube clip i decided to give it a shot. I save about 300 grams a rim and it looks way more cooler. I got the tip to use a step drill instead of a hole… Continue reading Fat bike update 3. (Getting shit done.)

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Fat Bike. What´s it all about.

Since i´ve started my Fat bike projekt i´ve got a lot of questions about what the it really is. Here is informative little clip about the fuzz around fat bikes. I really think this is just the beginning of the next big bike trend. Especally for us living in polar areas.

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Fat bike update.

I finally got the new headset from Superstar. It really feels like I'm getting somewhere on the fat bike project when i can fit the fork. I went for On-one Mary bars. Wanted that old-school "Klunkerz" look. And the Mary bars has a nice back-sweep. The Inbred seatpost is also from On-one. Love the Inbred… Continue reading Fat bike update.