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Oh Brother where art thou?

Part one.

A stupid project in stupid times.

2021 has not been very kind to me. First i wrecked my knee in the ski slopes and during Easter i got the Bat flu and spent 8 nights at the hospital hooked up like Neo in the Matrix with all kinds of tubes and needles.

The Covid-19 got me hard and i´m struggling with my stamina and tiredness along with knee rehab. Right now i can ride my bike but only for a couple of kilometers in slow pace. I have also been working from home for six months. All this has created some what of a gap in my creativity and social life. Or so to say i am fucking bored to death!

So what to do? Well it is obvious is it not? Let´s build a bike! I really enjoy building bikes and have built all my current bikes, in fact i haven´t bought a factory built bike since 2010. When i look at my stable it´s quite clear that i have a thing for small British bike brands. Got bikes form Stooge, BTR and Singular.

For a time now i hand my eyes on Brother cycles. Another small bike brand from the UK with the heart and soul at the right place and awesome bikes. Their Kepler, touring/gravel bike has been in their line up for six years and has just been updated with through axels and a new awesome pink color. It was the color that was the tipping point. Read more about the Kepler Here!

Guess what. Getting frames and bike parts i kind of impossible. I guess you knew. If your any part of the business or the cycling community you know there is a huge lack of bikes and parts. Brothers frames is no exception. The frames are sold out even at pre-order at Brothers and the next batch is not due until early 2022. But the very nice guys recommended me to check with with some of their stockist around Europe to check who´s getting some frames in May and June. With some luck i found an excellent shop at our neighbors the Finns Capital Helsinki, Velobia Bike Co. They had one frame in my size not pre-booked for delivery in July that now has got my name on it. YEAY!

This is the build plan

  • Frame: Brother Kepler
  • Wheels: Ritchey Classic disc Zeta
  • Headset: White Industries
  • BB and cranks: White Industries square taper.
  • Breaks: TRP Spyre mechanical.
  • Levers and rear mech: Sram Apex.
  • Bars: Ritchey Venturemax 44mm
  • Seatpost: Thomson Elite
  • Saddle: have not decided yet
  • Tires: have not decided yet.

Well that is the plan. Still it might change cos getting parts is hard.

This is what i got so far…

Frame pre-booked. My super friend and brother from another mother and Irish man crush set me up with the TRP breaks and Venutremax bars. Thanks buddy, luv u. Also got the last set of Apex from Bikester. I have seatpost, stem and bb in my bike shack. The rest is yet to come.

To be continued…

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