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Taking a knee.

2018/10/08, that was the last time i wrote a post.

How much can change i 2 years and a few months. Well as it turns out, pretty damn much. Let make a short recap.

After running my own business for almost 25 years in june 2018 i sold my part of the company to my brother and colleague. I worked six months at an outdoor shop second half of 2018. January 2019 i got my dream job at the regional theater Norrbottensteatern at the marketing department with focus on sales towards bigger groups and BTB. Art and culture has always been important to me and to work at this 50 year old institution is a dream come true for me.

I am also a teenage parent now, my big girl is turning 14 in a couple of weeks. I´ll just leave it ti that. Being a teenage parent is a blog all to it self… haha.

Then there is that big thing, the actual fucking pandemic we´re right in the middle of. As imagined having a job that depends on big crowds kind of sucks. I´m not gonna rant on that, it is what it is and it too shall pass as my wise boss says.

Also, i got a new bike! yeay! But more on that in upcoming posts.

So here i am writing again and it feels pretty good. I mostly do it for myself but my stats are pretty decent despite i haven´t updated for a couple of years. There has been some sweet bike adventures and i´ll share them here soon. But it´s only gonna be old storys since i´m currently recovering from a pretty bad knee injury. I twisted my knee pretty bad during alpine skiing and had surgery last week, It´s gonna be a long way back so some rehab progress is gonna take some space here too.

Well, i´ll guess that is it for now. For those who been following me, i´m sorry for the lack of content but let´s call this a comeback.



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