The Luleå Way, Winter

Visit Luleå have the good taste of letting a young talented film maker make short edits from our beautiful city. Jacob Nilsson from Silverview and Viktor Johansson from Mera Media just released their fifth edit and yes, me and the Muk is making a short appearance.  As we did in the summer edit.

So happy to take part in this and taking part in spreading the Luleå Way across the interwebz… Enjoy.

Original Luleå Story

I´m stoked and very proud to be featured in the Magazine Original Luleå Story. This tells the story of all the amazing people and things happening in our wonderful town.


Luleå is located just a few kilometers south of the arctic circle and you might think this is some remote place far from the big cities and a bit behind. But it sure as hell is not. When going through all the stories i´m so proud of living in a place where nature, culture, science, sports and the people is top notch.


Check it out online and feel free to visit us any time.

Oh, did i mention we got awesome fat bike trails. Summer and winter.

B.L.i.S.L 2.0

It´s been almost four years since i started Bike Life in Swedish Lapland, four awesome years. I´ve gotten new friends all over the world. It has opened up for me too write for, Salsa Cycles culture blog and When i began it was obvious that i should write in English. I wanted to reach wider audience and also to prove how alike we are. I have the same feelings and references as my Japanese, Irish or South American bicycle friends.

It´s been my dream and a idea since i started to take this blog a step further. Now it is finally time. Bike Life in Swedish Lapland is now turned in to a little company. The site will get an update and i will add a little webshop. I will still keep on writing about my passion for bikes and living on the 66 north degree in Luleå Swedish Lapland. In the webshop you will find some cool B.L.i.S.L merchandise and some cool t-shirts from my favorite brand. I will add more cool stuff further on.

New site teaser

My good friend Lars is helping me with the new site and the plan is to launch Wednesday 7th of December. I´m not sure if you who are following me by email will continue to do that. But there will be a “Follow me” button on the new site too.

What it’s really all about

In times like these, and by that i mean Eurobike, Frostbike, Interbike-times. Everybody is showing off thier new stuff for 2017. Well, as i were saying, in times like these it’s easy to forget why we ride.

Don’t get me wrong, i love getting the news on all new gear and bikes. But sometimes it’s just to much. A gazillion wheel sizes, hub sizes, frames, inovating oval dubbel butted self gearing e-bikes plus carbon drive extravaganza is coming out of my ears. Do we get so caught up in tech and new stuff that we forget what it´s all about?

Last sunday we went riding. Just at the local spot with some nice trails, a couple of jumps and a fireplace by the slope. We packed some burgers, threw the kids bikes in the car and off we went. After we set up camp and got a fire going we just played around on the trails. No hydro backpacks, strava or garmin. Just pure fun on two wheels.

And there it is! The answer to why we do this. It´s actually really simple. Because it´s so damn fun. Because we can do it together regardless of age or skills. Having the latest bike with the most optimal geometry and the latest smart suspension optimized for exactly this kind of trail wouldn’t have made this day any more awesome. What could have made this day more awesome is more people. More friends, more kids bouncing around, eating burgers and climbing trees, more bikes, more fun.

I really like bikes. I like new stuff and i like the inovations that makes the bicycle even more awesome. But, i like riding more. Very few times, when i think back on an epic ride, it´s not the bike i sat on that makes the memory. It´s the friends i shared it with. It´s the place my bike took me to. Perhaps we need to relax and just go ride.

The trails is right out there, waiting. Go ride!

(Inter bike 2016 starts Sept 21, can’t wait!) 😉

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

A few days ago i had a scary wake up call. We were visiting my father in law (who is a total badass, ex navy officer who just turned 93 years old) at the hospital. He´s been there a few days due to an infection. As we sat along chatting when a nurse came to check his blood pressure. I have not checked mine in at least 25 years so i asked if she could take mine. Just for fun. No, problem, she´d be happy to check my blood pressure.

And what do you know! I totally off the charts. Way to high. She said i had to contact my Doctor first thing on Monday.

Things like this scare the shit out of me, and the most scary thing is i had no idea? I don´t know for how long i´ve had it. High blood pressure is not good, especially on long term.

I´ve been checking my pressure the last two days since Saturday, still very high.  But to day i finally got a doctors appointment. Hopefully it´s not such a big deal and it will go down. I´m doing loads of tests next week, quitting my dear “Snus” (tobacco) and cutting the salty stuff.

We do not have this in our family and i´m in pretty good shape, just a bit off since summer vacation. I´m sure i´ll be okey but it makes you think. I want to live as long as possible and die laughing. I wanna make love to my wife and watch my kids grow up. I wanna ride my bike every day. I wanna grow old but not grow up. Thing is i´m 45 years old i´m growing old, fast. Things like this is a part of life now. I´m not gonna let it tear me down. I´m gonna keep on going doing stuff i like.

Check this. It really made my day and inspired me to write this post. It´s a year old but i missed it somehow. I also kind of stole the title to this post from the end.


The Luleå Way is Fat 

Stoked to be a part of the second “The Luleå Way” short film promoting our beautiful city in the north. When they called me up and wanted some fatbikers to take part i realized  that we could make Luleå the fat bike capitol of Sweden or maybe Europe. There is now two companies renting and guiding. A couple of local bikeshops selling fat tire love machines. I’m turning B.L.I.S.L in to a bike business. Lots of tourism entrepreneurs have their eyes on fat bikes. 

With all these awesome guys like Ourorbouros, Fatbike Adventures, Cykelstället, Äventyrsbutiken Hägglunds, Brändögruppen and the Support of The City of Luleå and Swedish Lapland the unique fat bike conditions summer and winter I’m pretty sure we’re gonna make it.

Check out part one of The Luleå Way here