Change of lanes

It has been ages since i posted on the blog but there is a reason. I´m in for a big change in my professional life. For 23 years i´ve been running the family business with my big brother. The mans fashion store Vitré. The boutique  was founded by my father and two of his friends back in 1967. My brother has been working here since 1977 and i started in 1995.

Mr Fashion anno 1995

I can´t believe it´s been 23 years!?

During the last couple of months i´ve decided to leave the family business, it has not been easy decision but i got to follow my heart. My brother bought my part of the stock and i´ll be working in the shop until this Thursday.

It has been a privilege and a struggle running this little shop. We´re with out bragging one of the absolute best in town and i´ve learned so much and met so many awesome people during the years. But i think, if you´re running your own business, you need to have a commitment and stand for the kind of business you run. I love retail, meeting customers and the sell process. I know every thing there is to know about suits, dress codes and tailoring. However my heart belongs to the great out doors and not the fashion industry. This blog for example, it´s not a fashion blog that might have been more proper for a bloke running a fashion store.

I just turned 47 years old, and it´s about time to try something new.  You only live once and the things you do every day (work) needs to have meaning. I don´t mean like super deep and “every body needs to change the world” meaning. It just need to be something that is fun and makes you happy. What that is, is up to you.


Here´s to new beginnings and a change of lanes!

Cheers /Olov

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