The Bikes

BTR Roamer.

The king of the stable. Full hand built custom Fat bike. Rigid fork for winter trails, 120 mm front bouncer for summer rippin in the woods and mountains. This is a beast and the only one around. I had it built up after my wishes on how i use it.

631 Reynolds tubing, Hope hubs laced to DT Swiss 710. Custom titanium bars from Oddity cycles, Thomson stem, Hope BB and Headset. 1×11 XT drivetrain and XT breaks.

Singular Peregrine

May daily ride. I use it for commute, gravel rides and stylish wine tours, Singular Peregriene size 53 (m) Thomson stem and post. On-one Midge bars. Brooks saddle and bar tape.
Shimano 105 compact crankset, replaced the big chain ring with 48t for winter riding. Brakes Avid BB7 road.
Truly an amazing bike.

Salsa Mukluk

The White Queen of my stable. For sand and snow! Salsa Mukluk.
It runs full XT 1×11 Raceface w/n chainring. Avid BB7 with 180 mm Superstar floating discs. Raceface ride cranks. Big chain ring swapped for a race face bash guard. Headset, grips from Superstar components. Seat post from On-one, Oddity Razorbars, 800mm wide riser bars Klunker style. Wheels custom build from Slam69 Surly rolling darryl on Hope fatsno hubs and white spokes. Tires 45nrth Dunder/Flow Biest.

Surly Instigator

My singlespeed keep cycling wierd bike. 3.8″ Pub, trails and random fun bike that´s just to cool for school.

Stooge Speedball

The ultimate titanium Monstercross for bikpacking and rough gravgracvand trails. Semi custom for dirt drops. Rides like a dream summer and winter.

20 thoughts on “The Bikes”

  1. I have to admit that I am also looking forward to winter, I just ordered a Salsa Mukluk and have On One Mary bars that a friend gave me that have been sitting around waiting for the right bike. Yours is looking great! I also really love the Singular bike, just perfect!

    1. Sounds awesome Kevin. Are you getting the 2014 Muk´ with the new fork? Looking forward to follow your adventures of the fat bike. =)

  2. Yes, I am getting the Red 2014 Mukluk, can’t wait! I will post some photos when I get it and the snow flies, probably not really too far off. I am up checking out the northern lights right now tonight, a pretty good show going on. I can’t wait to see your Mukluk all finished up!

  3. Nice. Were of to the beach in a very hot Lapland. =) I´ll try to finish the Mukluk a.s.a.p. The fat bike bug bites hard and i want to try it on the sand before winter.

  4. OhmygoshtheyareAWESOME! I must confess; the vintage and the fat bike is preferities…. Do you regularly ride the beach? (I do – it’s wunderful).

    1. Thanks! =) I ride beaches all i can during summer. At least the few we got. 😉
      The fat bike is mostly for winter riding. Its a blast to ride in the snow.

    1. Alltså en brittisk stål-ht borde man ju ha. Körde en On-one 456 för några år sedan. Saknar den hojjen…

  5. Hey Olov. I have some questions. My plans might be changing a bit again. I was going to leave Australia in November to ride a motorbike through southern Africa. But my sister just sent me a link to a two week camel riding tour in Tunisia that her boyfriend’s mate says is awesome (he’s an adventurous man who is in the military and has trekked Nepal). So I am thinking of booking that tour in November. This will mean I end up in Europe during the northern winter instead of southern Africa. My questions are:
    (1) Is winter a good time for bicycle touring in Swedish Lapland? It always looks amazing from your photos.
    (2) Do you need a fat bike? I have seen Cycling Dutch Girl cycling Iceland on her touring bicycle with spikes in her tyres through the snow.
    (3) If you need a fat bike, are they expensive there in Swedish Lapland? They are horribly expensive here in Australia.

    I still have 8 months before I leave but want to start booking my flights and everything as soon as my house sells (that will probably take a few months – maybe even half a year in this market) so that I can have something to look forward to.

    But seeings you live in Swedish Lapland and I love your blog posts, I thought I’d ask you about these things.

    1. Hi Andrew.
      Fat bikes are not for touring. We ride them on the ice and on the snow mobile trails. I think the best tour bike for winter is a 29er with spikes. Winter is not ideal for touring but it´s sure possible. We got very short days december to february so good lights is important. Even if we had the warmest winter in history this year it might be very cold. But tell me where you want to ride and how long and i try to help out as much as i can. If you want to go ride fat bike on snow some day we can arrange that to. =)

  6. Hey, i’m wondering what is the size of the specialized pitch? I’d be thankful for response!

  7. Hi, the Singular and Surly Instigator look superb, do the Dirt Wizards fit in 26″ Revelation’s or have you slotted a 650B pair in ?

  8. Hi – how do you find your stooge speedball to the singular peregrine ( I have a Peregrine and am thinking of a speedball) – Regards from the UK – Ian

    1. Hi Ian. It’s quite a difference. First of all the Speedball is 29+ so much more rubber. The geo of the Speedball is way more aggressive since it is a mountain bike. Shorter stays and slacker. I like them both a lot but the Speedball is more all round, better on technical trails with roots and rocks. I’ve been running 2.0” tires on my Peregrine and get a bit of toe overlap. Still I love my old Singular and currently building it back to a more road/gravel bike. Cheers, Olov

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