Monstercross, gravel bike, cyclocross, whatever – evening

Well, not sure what it’s called. Gravel or cx or what ever. Eric from Ourorboros gathered a bunch of riders for a evening event on the local trails. Weapon of choice, drop-bar bikes for fast trails and tarmac. It’s been a while since i got to take the old Singular Peregrine for a proper spin. This bike is just pure fun in the woods.

We met up at the shop and i got to borrow a pair of CB eggbeaters instead of my crappy clip pedals. We threw some beers in the fridge for after bike and headed out. Six happy campers four cx-bikes one full susser and me on my monstercross.

We went across the river to ride the trails around the airport. A huge pine area with loads of trails. I actually never rode this bike here before. This place got a lot of sand pits and are great with the fat bike.

But i must say it’s super fun to go monstercrossin’ here too.

What ever we choose to call it. Riding bikes with friends is pretty awesome. Call it cx or gravel it doesn´t matter as long as you´re having fun.

We managed to do 23 kilometers but who is counting anyway. It is a funny thing about late summer and autumn. I just wanna ride. During summer it´s all about family, vacation and chillin. Or maybe it is just me longing for the proper cycling season, Winter.

After a couple of hours playing around on the trails we headed back to town and the beer was cold back at the workshop. Cycling is fun. I´m going riding tonight again.





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Island explorers 

Kevin is back in town for a few days before he’s heading up to Norway. Seems like every time he’s here we’re breaking new trails. A few years ago we were first on fat bikes on Skvalpen, last winter we were the first to ride over the ice to Brändöskär.

I’m still on summer leave from work and we decided to take the ferry to Sandön for some beach riding with Anders from


Pretty cool fat bike log parking

We´ve been riding Sandön a few times and it is always a nice spot for some sweet fat biking especially with Anders as our local guide. We met up with Anders at Fatbike Adventures  based on Klubbviken, the resort at Sandön. He suggested we should take his boat to the island across the canal and see if we could hit the trails all across the island.

Since we like a challenge it was game on. It is just a five minute boat ride across and we hit the shores of Likskär and Altappen. On this side LSS, our local yacht club have their club house and guest harbor. I´ve spent almost all my childhood here since sailing is what I’ve been doning since i was kid. But now it must have been at least 20 years since I’ve been here. I know the backside have some pretty neat shores, but i must say i did not remember them as this good. Could be that i never rode a fat bike here before.

The ride offered some sweet shores and rough trails. Eventually we found a trail that led us to the other side and Altappen.  100 years ago there were several hundred people living on this island. All working at the steelworks and the sawmill. It all burned down and now there is just ruins left.

I love getting to new places, well I’ve been here lots before but not by bike, and break new trails. These fat bikes just were made for exploring. Salsa could not be more spot on with their motto “Adventure by Bike” thats what it´s all about. Ad some friends to ride with and I’m pretty satisfied.Here is a little edit from our ride. Thanks guys, always a pleasure to ride with you.


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The Luleå Way is Fat 

Stoked to be a part of the second “The Luleå Way” short film promoting our beautiful city in the north. When they called me up and wanted some fatbikers to take part i realized  that we could make Luleå the fat bike capitol of Sweden or maybe Europe. There is now two companies renting and guiding. A couple of local bikeshops selling fat tire love machines. I’m turning B.L.I.S.L in to a bike business. Lots of tourism entrepreneurs have their eyes on fat bikes. 

With all these awesome guys like Ourorbouros, Fatbike Adventures, Cykelstället, Äventyrsbutiken Hägglunds, Brändögruppen and the Support of The City of Luleå and Swedish Lapland the unique fat bike conditions summer and winter I’m pretty sure we’re gonna make it.

Check out part one of The Luleå Way here

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Making the Local Global

Every now and then you need to re-discover you own back yard. Every day life just keeps on pedaling and you miss out on the great stuff that´s just around the corner. A lovely Sunday in mid July i got to see my home town with the eyes of a bunch on lovely people from all over the world.

In cooperation with Visit Luleå and  TBEX16, a huge conference and network convent for professional travel bloggers and journalist, Susanne and Eric from Ourorobors were hired to guide a group around Luleå city. Since they were doing it on fat bikes i joined them as the local fat bike geek.

I met up with the gang back at the bike shop and we got to meet a bunch of amazing people. Professional travel bloggers and photographers from  Delhi to Los Angles via Germany, Denmark and Romania were getting ready to ride fattys around my home town.

Time to gear up! Eight fat bikes getting ready to bounce.

Since we only had a few hours there were no time to go trail riding. With riders of different experience a spin around the harbors and off to our steel works was coming up. Luleå is surrounded by water and the route took us along the little bays to the infamous Steel park where i played around in the bowl. Fat bike was probably not the right rig for that kind of riding but still pretty fun.

Photo of me trying to jump the Muk by Ajay


After goofing around in the park for a while we went by the steel works an through the old working blocks before heading down to the shoreline. On our way back to central Luleå we stopped by the ice breakers. They are the constant reminder of winter. For now they´re resting preparing for winter duty. We were supposed to spend two hours in the saddle but when you´re riding with professional travelers there is always an awesome photo opportunity around the next corner.

A bike blogger taking a photo of a pro-blogger taking a photo of a pro-blogger riding a fat bike. I that meta enough?  Joanna from working her magic. Joannas final result from her Instagram here!

Back in town again and we  went to the South Harbor for a group shot. This is my favorite spot in town. I stop by almost every day here to snap a photo for my Instagram project #seasonsbythebay one shot every now and then to show the turning of the seasons in Swedish Lapland. Check out the hashtag for pictuers from the bay all year around.

Group pic!


From the left: Winnie, – avrdan – Joanna, –       Ajyan, – Gunther, – Jim, –              Ursula, and Susanne and Eric from Ourorbors Luleå

Thank you all for helping me see my home town with your eyes. I hope you´ll visit us during winter as well. It is a different world here that time of year. All of you are truly inspiring people and i´m so glad i got to meet you.

Until next time, Bon Voyage! 

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Monstercross evening 

I finally found the time to take the Peregrine for a spin. It´s been ages since i got to ride my favorite route along the shores of the river of Luleå. This is a classic route about 20 kilometers on different conditions. Tarmac, gravel, singletrack and sand if you got fat tires. It´s called “around the bridges” because you need to cross the river twice. The trail starts along the north side where a beautiful hiking route runs along the riverside.


Lovely gravel roads along the shores.


It´s all gravel road until you get to Karlsvik and the old train yard. This is a beautiful place with a dark history. During WWII the Nazis used this place as a depot for supply and prisoners. A chapter in our history not to be proud of. Still they been standing here as a monument of evil. A few weeks however it all burned down. Probably arson, investigations still going on. In a way very sad since it remind us not to repeat history but kind of symbolic on how to deal with hate and fascism. The burned out trains were sadly beautiful.

A couple of kilometers along is my favorite place i Luleå. The sandslopes Niporna steep down to the river is just the most lovely place. Tight singeltrack among the pines on top of the high shore. This is a place i love to visit winter and summer. During winter i just go straight across the water. Luleå city lays in the background.


Time to cross the river and head back home. The Singular Peregrine performs excellent on gravel and singletrack but is also quite fast on tarmac. I honestly thinking of getting rid of the roadbike. Love the view of the old bridge when crossing.

On the way home i get to pass my old neighborhood. This is where i grew up. Just on the oposite of Niporna.  I remember the first night i spent sleeping outside with a friend. It was just here and i was around 13 years old. The midnightsun is still here and this turned out to be quite a nice evening for a ride. Also visited my sister who now live in our old house. It´s now been i our family for three generations, built in 1903.

Second bride crossing coming up and i´m back at the north side of the river. Just a spin around Gultza park and along the north harbor and then back home. I need to get out riding more often and i need to get Jessica a proper bike so she can join me. A bottle of wine and a blanket with her would have made a great evening ride perfect.



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Fatbike Adventures

Something is going on. There is a movement and it is FAT. The fat bike scene is exploding up here. Besides the new bike shop who got fatties for rent (ice cream trucks) my fat bike buddy Anders and some of his friends started a fat bike company located at Sandön.

Sandön (Sandy island) is one of my favorite spots for fat biking. It´s the biggest island in our archipelago and also the one closest to main land. You just need a dingy to cross the canal. But there are ferris going regularly to Klubbviken, the restaurant and cabins for rent further out on the island. Anders & Co have private summer cabins on Sandön and they all spent their childhood summers there. Since they started riding fat they been having an idea of offering guided tours and bikes for rent.

Now they’re finally in business. Fatbike Adventures is now real.

They put tighter a little fleet of rental fatties including kids bikes. They will cooperate with Klubbviken and are planning some pretty cool events. Yours truly might jump in as fat bike guide.

A couple of weeks ago i had the opportunity to go ride with them for some filming for Visit Luleå and their next promotion video for Luleå under the hashtag #theluleaway Pretty cool. Silverview know their stuff. You´ll know when the film is out, trust me.

How ever we got a pretty awesome day on the dunes and shores around beautiful Sandön. Anders hooked up some friends for riding and i tagged along. We took his boat to his cabin and made it our base camp for the day.

They got an old Honda ATC, how cool it that, for carrying the fatties around and i just looove the carriage they put together. Besides all the beaches and sand dunes there is tons of great trails through the pine forest. Did´t get any pics of them tough, to busy riding.

It´s always a blast to take people fat biking who hasn’t done it before. That silly grin on their face, i love it. We had a bit of luck as the sea level was a bit below. That makes the shallow beaches even more accessible. Blue skies didn’t make it worse either.

To thing that it has come to this. In just a few years fat bikes has gone from weird to quite common. Well they are still weird, in a good way. But people actually know what it is and you don’t need to explain. At least not as much. Maybe this is the beginning of Luleå becoming the fat bike capitol of Sweden. I can’t se why not. With places likt this and people like these making fat biking available for everyone. And i haven’t even mentioned winter cycling. Winter is the real bike season now. Summer is just a bonus, a pretty awesome bonus!

You can find Fatbike Adventures on Facebook. They´re pretty cool guys. I´m pretty stoked for the future of fat bike capitol LULEÅ.

Here a little clip from a solo autumn ride, October 2015

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This is my Home Town

Just had to share this video made by Local producer Silverview  and my buddy Viktor at Mera Media together with Visit Luleå.

A couple of astonishing minutes well worth a watch. If you come and ride with me, this is what you get. #theluleaway

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New bike shop, Ourorboros Luleå

ouroroboros luleåThis is pretty awesome news. A new bike shop as opened in town. Ourorboros is the combined yoga studio and bike shop. Eric moved here from Alaska about three years ago for love. Susanne brought him over here and now they are combining their passions in this cool shop.  Eric is a cyclist at heart and ride all disciplines. They will be selling Canondale and Orbea but are connected to lots of distributors.

They want to make their place not just to a shop but a sweet hang out place, where you can pop by for coffee and some bike talk. Susanne has her studio in the basement and are taking smaller classes,  when i visited them they were not quite ready with the yoga studio yet, but they´ll get there.

The thing i´m most exited about is their fleet of rental bikes. Besides regular mountain, cross and road bikes they got five Ice Cream Trucks sizes from small to large.

I get loads of requests from people around the word who wants to come and ride up here. Mainly during winter on the ice. Bringing a bike, especially a fat bike  on a plane is both expensive and risky. The ice Cream Truck is one lovely ride. 5″ tires and loads of bikepacking mounts.

When i started riding fat three years ago i could only dream of this. 2016 is the year when the fat bike bug got to Swedish Lapland. Lots of businesses is popping up and next winter is gonna be a blast. If you wanna come ride just contact me and i´ll hook you up with some sweet riding. You don´t even need to bring a bike.

Check out their website here. (will be coming in English soon)






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New friends, same old trails

It´s funny how cycling makes people come together. I´ve made so many new friends during the years. Some just over the internet and some in real life and some both. I few weeks ago i met Eric. An Alaskan who moved here a few years ago for love.

Eric is an enthusiast, just like me, he rides fat, cross, mtb and road, just like me. Yesterday we went for our first ride together. It was fat bike time and we took a spin around the shores and trails along the Luleå river.

This was actually my first proper ride in weeks. Also first ride of the year on dirt. Feels good to be back in the saddle and i cant wait to get out again. Perhaps with a post bike brew and hot sauna.

Susie and Eric is soon opening up their own business and they have some pretty cool things going on. I’ll be back with a full report after the grand opening.

Thanks again for a nice ride Eric =)

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Swedish Lapland Winter 2016 sum up

Winter 2015/16 was a good one. A few cold weeks made the ice build up properly and the archipelago was frozen far out to the outer islands. I have gotten further out this winter on the fat bike then the other years i´ve been riding.

I made the first ride across over the river on December 15. That was quite early but there were some footprints from someone who crossed so i gave it a shot. Turned out to be a great ice premiere.

December to January the days are short but the light is amazing. I got some great shots just going down on the ice during lunch hour. The south harbor is two minutes away form my shop. Like on the 21 of December, mid winter solstice. This day was just amazing. I went down to the harbor for half an hour and the light was stunning. This just a snap shot with my iphone.


And one month later, 23 of January. The sun is a bit higer and the light is returning. I finally got my custom Razor bars from Oddiy Cycles and the Mukluk is cranked up to level 11 on the awesome-meter.


In February the ice roads in the outer archipelago opened up. This is before all the snowmobile trails are ready. February 1 i went to check them out.


Two weeks later on the 16 of February, first ride on snowmobile trails to make a recon ride for coming bikepacking adventures with Kevin who came and visited me from the UK. Brought  the Gopro and shot a little shorty from the ride.


Since the last two winters has been quite crappy Kevin who´s been here for two years in a row decided to come a few weeks earlier than usual. 23-24 of February We had a great weekend bikepacking to Brändöskär. One of the more remote islands in our archipelago. Unfortunately the weather was against us and we ended up riding in fog and temperatures around -16 Celsius. But it was still quite a ride. We did not make it all the way to the pack ice due to no sight at all.

And then came March. This year simply amazing. This is when we get our fifth season, the “vårvinter”, spring winter. Long days with the sun starting to warm up. But still cold nights so snow and ice does not melt away. 24 of March I made the trip again to Brändöskär and this time i made it out on open sea. The world out there is just crazy. Might as well be at the North Pole. Once again i brought my Gopros.


April came along and the sun made the snow and ice go away pretty fast. Not much riding besides some short rides along the local trails.

Here is an example on how fast we move from frozen sea to boat season. These two photos are from 21 of April and May 11. On the first one there are some ice fisher as small dots on the ice. Two weeks later not a sign of ice at all.



It has by far been the best winter since i started riding the ice on my fat bike. Now i´m looking forward for an epic summer. There will also be some changes with this site. And i´m stoked about the future for Bike Life in Swedish Lapland.

Stay frosty!

Cheers, Olov



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