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The gettaway

I’m not saying raising kids is easy, cos it’s not. Living the family life with all the musts and parental responsibilities can be a bit frustrating. I love having kids, watch them grow up and turn in to awesome little persons and I’m so proud of them. But the family life gets to you. It’s a machine that’s just goes on in a repetitive cycle. Get them out of bed, feed them, see to they come to school, more food, homework, get them to bed and in between all that maintain a household and work. Then there is our relationship, me and my wife. To get the time together that doesn’t involve solving the puzzle of regular life logistics is hard.

I’m blessed with being able to take weekdays off sometimes, backside of that is me working almost every Saturday.

Jessica on the other hand does not. But today she managed to take a day off.

We’ve been talking about getting quality time by ourselves and since she got the fat bike, which she commuted on the whole winter, we’ve been trying to get a ride together.

Today we did our first ride together. I’ve really been longing to share my micro adventures with my favourite person in the world. All the times I’ve been out there all by myself and wishing I could share it with my lovely wife.

Spring winter is peaking and the outer archipelago is off limits now. But Sandön that’s just separated from main land by a canal is still possible to access with out a boat. The south side of the island is full of trails and they’re still hard even though the sun is warming pretty hard.

We headed along the shore line and found a little place to have our lunch. Just being able to sit down together in the sun together feels like a blessing. Hot chocolate, coffee and sandwiches doesn’t makes it worse.

The sun was eating up the crust and we decided to go across the island on the way back. After a little bit of searching we spotted a road from the summer huts heading up on land. When the crust gives away you go down to your hips, there’s been lots of snowing this winter.

There are lots of gravel roads here but only a few are plowed up by the islanders. It was a mix of dirt and ice but it felt lovely to ride across Sandön again.

We managed to find our way back to the crossing and I must say Jessica rode like a queen on the Mukluk. Strong and solid 15 km was impressive as her first proper ride.

Can’t wait til summer and the great trails and beaches of Sandön, and to bring Jessica along again. ❤️

Oh, one more thing. On the way back she said: – Damn a cold beer would taste so good right now, i get why you always want one after a ride.

So we went and bought a couple and had an after bike beer on the back porch.

Relive link to the ride down here…

Yes she is one awesome girl and i love her more than life it self. Cheers baby!

Relive ‘Lunch ride Sandön’


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