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Instigator ++ Update

Slowly getting somewhere with the stupid Surly Instigator plus plus build.

The dropper post is served and working. I´ve been shaving side knobs off the Nates i got from a friend for chain stay clearance, it fits but i can´t really tell until i try it out on trails, might rub in corners. Well, if it works, it works. If not i´ll just switch front to rear or try to find another Larry 3.8″


Next up was getting the front end working. I´m using my Razorbars from the Mukluk, Jessica thought they were to wide. The Thomson stem i got second hand was silver so the proper thing to do was make the steel razor raw. Oddity powder coat their bars and like the high end builders they are the paint also were made to last and a bitch to remove. Still i´m pretty happy with the result. Luckily i had a sticker i´ve got from Bursey that worked perfect.


Then there was the fork issue. My wheels is regular SLX 100×15 mm through axle. The Identiti fork is boost. Also the hubs are centrelock. But after a bit of detective googling i found exactly what i needed. Boost converting for centrelock, i did have to change to a six bolt disc tho.


All i need now is breaks and chain and this wierdo is rolling.


Keep cycling wierd! Cheers

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