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Back on track

Summer is heading towards it´s end and i´m riding again. This summer has been one of a kind, i usually don’t ride that much and this summer in particular has been all about work and evening skinny dipping with the family. I started my new job the week after midsummer and that means no vacation, that kind of sucks but on the other hand work has been super fun. Just bad timing since we had the best summer since, well ever.

But now the nights are getting darker, the temperature is getting lower and the urge for riding is back. I´ve started running, yeah it´s weird but i don´t have time to ride i need get to get out for a while in the woods. It keeps me from getting fat of all the beer and the dekadent summer life style.

We´re planning a trip to the mountains as usual in September but this time we´re bike packing instead of staying in a kabin and to day trips. Gonna be awesome and I’m doing a post on the route and preparations that further on.

Kevin stopped by again for his annually autumn trip to Swedish Lapland. He stayed and extra day in Luleå and we went to ride the trails of Sandön with Sven. We´re actually the  OG Fat bike crew up here. Sven got me in to Fat bikes back in 2013 and one year later Kevin was here for the first time for winter riding. I think this is his eighth visit here…

Sandön is always nice and we did a 30 km ride along the trails, gravel roads and beaches of this so very lovely island. Sven picked us up, he got a little cabin here last year and has a boat to cross the canal. This weekend is the last one when the restaurant is open and me got some burgers at Klubbviken restaurant.

It feels good to be back in the saddle again and I’m looking forward to the autumn adventures on the Roamer.

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