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Solstice Overnighter

Sometimes you need a little push. We (me and Sven) has been talking about doing an overnighter at Sandön for years. You who follow my blog knows the big  island that kicks off our archipelago is a place i return to both summer and winter.

Even tough it´s close and easy to access we´ve never found the time between work, family to go and stay the night. But then comes the bike community to the rescue. The very awesome folks over at Swift Industries wants to inspire and been running a global event to make people go out and do an overnighter on bikes

The Swift Campout is running it´s fourth year and this year we joined and finally made it out.  The proper Solstice was actually two days before but luckily we decided to go to on the set date, the rain has been pouring the two days before June 23.

Me Jessica and The Lars met up at my house and went all the way to the canal that´s separates Sandön form main land. The route goes thru the city and along lovely trails among the pines until we reached the shores.


By the sea we met up with Lucas and Sven. He recently bought a cabin on Sandön picked us up and shipped us across the canal. Having a boat make this trip so much easier, well with out a boat it´s not just possible.

Sandön is a big island. About 20 km long and full of lovely trails, forests and beaches. The outer side has a beautiful shoreline with long beaches and this were we set camp for the night.

Two days after summer solstice the nights are still bright, that’s how we roll at Lat 66 N. We dodge the rain and put up our tents by the shore. A well earned dinner after 28 km in three hours and a couple of beers by the camp fire made our day.

In the morning we woke up to the sound of the sea and the heat from the sun turning the tents in to saunas. I gotta say, few things compares having outdoor breakfast with friends by the sea.

Around noon we hit the trails again and began or ride back to main land. The beauty of having a place like this is to be close yet far away. As soon as you get of the mainland, even if it’s just a couple of hundred meters and get on the island every thing slows down. No cars, less people and silence. We’re absolutely coming back. Just need to bring more food, one night a is way to short stay.

We had marvelous weather on the ride back. We got some shores and the first warm summer day in weeks. Thanks Swift for inspiring us to finally go. Riding bikes is the best!

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