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The Speedball

I always had a special place in my heart for the old Klunkers based on beach cruisers created by the pioneers of mountain biking like Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher. So when choosing a frame for my new monstercross build Stooge Cycles was the obvious choice. Stooge is a one man band run by Andrew… Continue reading The Speedball

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Sweet dreams are made of…

There are meny diffrent schools regarding frame material. Many means that "Steel is real". Others think carbon fiber is the way to go, light, stiff and stealthy. Aluminum is cheap, light and most common. But as the Highlander says: There can be only one! And the one who lives forever is of course Titanium. The… Continue reading Sweet dreams are made of…

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Double tap Wednesday.

The weather is still crazy in Swedish Lapland. Ok i know i´ve been ranting about it but seriously. 29° C in May!? I cant remember the last time that happend. I had the morning off today and took a pretty long morning ride. Just an amazing day for cycling. I went up stream on the… Continue reading Double tap Wednesday.


2013 Road premiere.

Finally i got to take the roadie for a spin. It´s been a few rainy days and we actually had some snow just two days ago. But it went away quite fast. Woke up this morning to a bright spring sun. The thermometer showed 12° c in the shadow so it was shorts weather. ;)… Continue reading 2013 Road premiere.

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Road love.

I´ve been a dedicated mountain biker since the early nineties. Even if i had a few years without a proper mtb i´ve always had my heart in the forests and mountains. When a new friend of mine, who moved here from the southern part of Sweden asked me why i hadn't tried road cycling i… Continue reading Road love.

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Endless winter.

This winter has been the most strange one in years. We are just i end of February and it has been so warm that i rode my Monster cross on bare asphalt yesterday. Usually this time of year is the absolute coldest. This pic is my profile picture of FB from last years February. It… Continue reading Endless winter.

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Van Nicholas Mistral

This is my roadbike. I build it during winter 2010. I´m not a harcore roadie but i love to just go out and ride a couple of miles during bright summer nights. Since this is the bike i use the least i wanted a classic look. I love titanium and the bike runs like a… Continue reading Van Nicholas Mistral