Roamer update #5 Build and geometry

I get a lot of questions about the geometry on the Roamer so here is the build and numbers.

My idea about this frame was to get a bit more fun and aggressive fat bike. It´s basically an all mountain hardtail with 4.6″ tires. Ready to fit a 120 mm suspension fork up front for summer and rigid steel fork with anyting-cage mounts for winter bikepacking.

BTR makes the best hardtails in the world so they were the obvious choice for this bike.

I gave Tam my requests and he did the design with a little input from me regarding the fat bike specifics.

Since i ride it like a mountain bike in the summer i went for 100 mm bottombracket and 177 mm rear spacing. It fit 4.6″ tires (maybe 4.8″) on 80 mm rims. I´ve been running Dunder/Flowbeist from 45nrth and never felt i needed wider. And i ride snow for 7 months a year and plenty of beaches in the summer. Also 177 rear and 100 bb make it more like a regular mountainbike.


Effective top tube – 634 mm

Seat tube length – 420 mm (31.6 diameter)

Head tube angle – 67 degrees

Seat tube angel – 73 degrees

BB drop – 70.25 mm

Chain stay length – 435 mm

Head tube length – 130 mm (44 mm diameter fits all forks)

Fork length – 511 mm (ready for 120 mm suspension fork)

Fork offset – 51 mm

Wheelbase – 1 187.87 mm

Stack – 646 mm

Reach – 450 mm


The frame is hand built with Reynols 631 tubing the frame and 853 in the fork.

All housing is internal including dropper post.

Build kit:

Breaks – Shimano XT  with 203 mm front and rear discs

Drivetrain – 1×11 speed Shimano XT 11/40 but swapping to 11/42 or /46

Crankset  – Raceface Aeffect with 28t chainring

Pedals – Shimano Saint

Bottombracket – Hope

Head set – Hope

Stem – Thomson X4, 40 mm

Bars – Custom Oddmoné Titanum from Oddity Cycles 800 mm, 25 mm rise 15 degeers backsweep

Seatpost – Crankbrothers Highline dropper. Diameter 31.6, internal hosing. 

Grips – Lizardskin

Wheels – DT Swiss BR710 on Hope Fatsno Hubs. 177 mm  rear and 150 mm front

Tires, Summer – 4.4″ Jumbo Jims

Tires, Winter – 4.6″ 45nrth Dunder/Flowbeist













Roamer update #4 “There can be only one”

After a series unfortunate events the last pices of the puzzle finally fell into place. Finally time to put the Roamer together. I took a day couple of days off from work to build her up. I really enjoy bike building and every thing went according to plan. The only thing that was a hassle was fitting the seat post, but after a few twerks with the cable it worked like a charm. The thing i was worried about was changing the rear break hose. But that was way easier than fitting the post. Shimanos bleeding system is genius and super easy.

By the time i was ready a heavy rain fell and it had started to get dark. Good for me i had another day off work to ride…

Firts impressions, the engineering on the frame is stunning Burf is a genius. When mounting a new bike it takes a while before it’s tuned in. But getting on this was like coming home. Tam has nailed my wishes and it totally lived up to my expectations. It’s exactly the bike i had in mind. Comfortable but still aggressive with the slack 67′ head angle and short 435 mm chain stays. Wide bars and high stack makes it very easy to handle. The Roame is ready to take a 120 mm suspension fork but that’ll have to wait untill next summer. However the rigid fork works like a charm on roots and rocks combined with the 4.4″ Jumbo Jims. It’s rides like a freight train down hill and climbs like a goat. The short rear end makes cornering and jumping a walk in the park. It’s my riding skills rather then the bike that sets the limits.

There were a few people that had thought about if BTR was able to make a fat bike since they never built one before. The thing is fat bikes are mountain bikes and it doesn’t have to be slow and bulky just because it has more rubber.

Once again thank you Tam and Burf at BTR-Fabrications for making my dream come true. Cheers guys you rock!

Can’t wait to get it up to the big mountains in a few weeks.


Roamer update #3 The arrival

Today at noon the long awaited box from BTR-Fabrications landed at work. It´s been a long wait, but well worth it. Un-boxing a new bike/frame is like Christmas for bike geeks, you know the feeling. When waiting this long, and when it´s a custom frame that  is only one of a kind the expectations are pretty high.


Let me tell you, BTR did not let me down.

Here´s what i wrote in the last email…

“Tam and Burf,
Just unpacked the frame. It’s stunning. You guys are not just frame builders, you are artists. So beautiful and well made. 
It’s incredible value for the money getting custom from you guys. Especially regarding how expensive the big brands are with their Chinese made frames. 
Thank you so much, just waiting for tires and seatpost now, but will start building tonight. 
I’ll post an update on the BLiSL site soon. 
When it’s ready I’ll try to get a story about it on and some other sites. It’s a rare bird. 
Once again thank you so much!
I got the delivery guy to drop the boxes at work and here it is. I forgot my camera at home so just Iphone photos, but damn it´s one beautiful frame set. So incredible well made…


The same snowflakes as on the bars sits on top tube and right fork leg. Graphic by the grand master at Oddity Cycles Burnsey. Very surtitle but turned out better than expected.


I can´t wait to get this baby ready and hit the trails. It´s designed for 120 mm travel fork but that will have to wait until next summer. I think it still shreds pretty good with the 67 degree head angle tho. Wheels by the master wheel builder Gav at August Cycles


More to come soon…

Roamer update #1

Got a few pics from Tam at BTR last night. Tubes are cut and bottle mount and internal housing holes on place. I´ll guess it´ll be coming together any day now.

Also got rid of parts that wont go on the Roamer. Just the frame left of the Instigator, if i don´t get it sold it´ll stay for a future singlespeed project.

Just ordered an SDG Saddle and Race Face Aeffect crank set. I think it´s Raceface only 24 mm fat cranks with spider less chain ring.

The frame will be BTR´s signum clear coating with some bonus graphic to match my stylish Oddity bars. Love when you can see the stitches through the coating and Burf make some pretty nice welding.

Found a couple of more angles of the frame design…

Hopefully there will soon be an update on the blog with the frame put together soon.



One bike to rule them all…

We who ride bikes, are we not suppose to be a little bit better than others? I mean, cycling is environment friendly, quiet, healthy, burn fat not oil, one less car and all of that, “we´re better than you attitude”. Still we´re over consuming the shit of our selves. Always looking for new and better. Perhaps this new boost carbon new rig will make my riding more awesome. Like it matters whats between your legs when out riding? I know cos i´m one of them. I´ve been swapping bikes like underwear for the last ten years. But now i´m kind of sick of it. Don´t get me wrong, i loove all the new inventive bikes and parts coming out but it just never stops. Always new and improved. You almost afraid to get a new high end bike from one of the big ones cos next year it´s changed to something better and improved and you kind of feel cheated. Big business put out the bait and we swallow it whole.  Cycling and mountain biking in perpendicular is suppose to be wild and free with it´s hippie roots in California. This is of course my personal opinion. I´m not a competitive cyclist. I love the idea of the bicycle and the ride but i also got addicted to constantly looking for new and better. Spending money and never feeling satisfied.

There are a few brands that still got it but The ones who keep the spirit alive is the frame builders. Cyclists by heart who loves the ride and make bikes they wanna ride themselves. They do it their own  renegade playful way very seriously but the playful  mountain bike soul is all there. I don´t know if it´s just me or is the custom made market exploding? It might be thanks to social media that all the small brands have a chance to reach out the the community, and the bike community is strong. Or perhaps it´s a sign of our time. It is kind of the same movement as the micro brewery scene. The fact that there are options beyond the mainstream. Also a hand made frame is not more expensive then a high end frame form any of the big brands, and they´re all made in China.

I´ve been nursing the the dream of a custom built frame for years. And now i´m finally made the move. I had five main bikes. Road, cross, fat, mountain and a dirt jumper. The ones i use is the fat bike for trails and bikepacking and the cross for commuting and gravel. Those two are the bikes i had the longest. I built my Singular back in 2011 and the Salsa Mukluk in 2014. But now all are going because but these two.

The fat bike is amazing, but it´s an explorer and i wanted something a bit more aggressive for summer trail riding. I´ve been looking for a replacement for years but don´t find anything that fill the blanks. But now the amazing BTR-Fabrications is building my dream ride. A full custom aggressive steel  fat bike with rigid fork for winter bikepacking and 120 mm slack travel fork for summer ripping. It´s been a long process, we began making plans back in October last year and now it´s finally getting close.


Mega custom BTR-Fat bike


BTR-Fabrications is Tam and Burf, two hard working, bike riding geniuses who started their business in a shed in England. They´re building the worlds coolest steel hard tail frames and they are doing it good. I got a soft spot for all mountain hard tails and when i asked if they were up to design and build a fat bike frame they were on it right away.


Check this edit form when they started. Now the guys moved out of their old shed and are becoming a big name in the custom market due to making high quality bikes their own way. I just love their take on frames.




Deep custom Oddmoné bars from Oddity Cycles

Even though they´ve never built a fat bike i´m very confident this will be one hell of a bike. Tam is a amazing designer and Burf welds like a god. On top of that i got my custom bars from Oddity Cycles today. The titanium jewel of the my steel crown looks just stunning. So now we´ll see if this is the bike to rule them all. If my search is over, if my hunger for new shit will be satisfied. I really think so.  Oh, and who am i kidding.  Of course it matters whats between your legs when riding, as long as it´s the right tool for the job.


Stay tuned for updates and full spec and geo, this baby goes in to welding any day now…


The Luleå Way, Winter

Visit Luleå have the good taste of letting a young talented film maker make short edits from our beautiful city. Jacob Nilsson from Silverview and Viktor Johansson from Mera Media just released their fifth edit and yes, me and the Muk is making a short appearance.  As we did in the summer edit.

So happy to take part in this and taking part in spreading the Luleå Way across the interwebz… Enjoy.

Radio gaga…

About nine months ago Linnea from the Swedish Public radio show Ute med P1 contacted me about tiny escapes and fat bikes. Ute med P1 is a radio show about people who leaves the comfort of civilization for the adventures of the great out doors. Linnea wanted to ride with me and i took her to one of my favorite spots, Sandön.

It was late summer and we were in search of low tides and talked about getting away even when the time for adventures are limited. We had great weather and went trail and beach riding. Linnea was quite tough, we did almost 30 kilometers.

We had such a great time we decided to do a winter ride too, at the exactly same place. And a few weeks ago we went back to the shores of Sandön only this time on the ice.

Double selfie at the canal six months apart.

Once again we went to Ourorobors and rented a Small size Icecreamtruck for Linnea. It´s really cool to get the contrasts of riding the same place with a six month gap.

We headed out on the south side along the shores. This time we didn´t have the time to go all around the island but a good spin, coffee and sandwiches on the ice is really all you need.

It was great fun and such an honor to be a guest on the show.

The show is available online but it´s of course in Swedish.  Check HERE  for the whole show.