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Taking a knee.

2018/10/08, that was the last time i wrote a post. How much can change i 2 years and a few months. Well as it turns out, pretty damn much. Let make a short recap. After running my own business for almost 25 years in june 2018 i sold my part of the company to my… Continue reading Taking a knee.

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The gettaway

I'm not saying raising kids is easy, cos it's not. Living the family life with all the musts and parental responsibilities can be a bit frustrating. I love having kids, watch them grow up and turn in to awesome little persons and I'm so proud of them. But the family life gets to you. It's… Continue reading The gettaway

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The Fat Awakens

Guess what, winter sucks! Dark, cold and snowy. I'm freezing and don't wanna go outside any more. Naaaw... I'm just kidding. Winter is awesome and it's me who's been lazy the last two months. But to be honest. We had quite a rough one this year. Two kinds of weather, super cold or super snow.… Continue reading The Fat Awakens

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The Emerald Fat Bike connection – Part four, Wayne and Emma

This is the first of a series of post from our Ireland trip.  (More to come about and the riding.) Here is what happens when you ride bikes. Back in March i had some new friends over from Ireland to ride the ice of the Bay of Bothnia. Check the story on how we… Continue reading The Emerald Fat Bike connection – Part four, Wayne and Emma

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What it’s really all about

In times like these, and by that i mean Eurobike, Frostbike, Interbike-times. Everybody is showing off thier new stuff for 2017. Well, as i were saying, in times like these it's easy to forget why we ride. Don't get me wrong, i love getting the news on all new gear and bikes. But sometimes it's… Continue reading What it’s really all about

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Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

A few days ago i had a scary wake up call. We were visiting my father in law (who is a total badass, ex navy officer who just turned 93 years old) at the hospital. He´s been there a few days due to an infection. As we sat along chatting when a nurse came to… Continue reading Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

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January K.O

January use to kick off the winter and ice riding season . But this year was a set back. First of all it´s been cold, and i mean really cold. We had temperatures between -20 and -30- degrees Celsius. It´s good fun to take a little spin every now and then. But in the long… Continue reading January K.O

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2015, Eleven pics and a clip

Might as well sum up last year in photos. So here it is. Month by month...   January Nothing´s like the first ice ride   February Got a test bike from MAXX for   MARCH Got visitors from abroad   APRIL Built a new bike   MAY Birtday   JUNE Midsummer midnight ride JULY… Continue reading 2015, Eleven pics and a clip

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One of those days

You know when you wake up and there is barley no wind and the sun is shining. You take the road bike for a spin. It´s Sunday morning so you got the roads all to your self.   You ride your local route and find there is brand new asphalt. It is like riding with the… Continue reading One of those days

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Love, life and friends is all that matters

I´m sitting in the office at work and writing a post about our amazing wedding last Saturday. While i´m scanning through the pictures by my good friend Fredrik at i get interrupted by a customer. An old man by the counter. He tells me his wife passed away last week and he needs a… Continue reading Love, life and friends is all that matters