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Fat bike race on the bay of Bothnia

For a couple of years there has been a cross country ski race from Luleå to Piteå. The race is abut 60 km and runs on the ice between our two coast-towns along the bay of Bothnia in Swedish Lapland.
After last years race an idea about taking part with fat bike started to grow with me and some fellow fat bike lovers. We contacted the organizers and our man Kurt “grand old Fat Bike Daddy” in Piteå was our man who made it happen. A fat bike heat is reality! =)

2014 race will take place the 8th of March. Registrations are now open. Register here. If your´re not from Sweden please contact me if you have any questions regarding registration. The race is on Saturday but we plan to have a whole fat bike weekend. After bike beer and dinner on Saturday night and ice riding in our frozen archipelago on Sunday. Possible to Hindersön for some hot coffee and waffles.

This is the first Fat bike race in Sweden. The community is still quite small here but i believe this is gonna be an ongoing event that will attract riders from all over the globe.
Also if you have questions regarding hotels and hostels let me know and i´ll give some tips.

See ya on the ice!

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