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The tiny escape

Sometimes you need to pull the eject lever. Leave work early, pic up the fat bike and disappear for a few hours. Monday was one of those days. I managed to leave work after lunch. This left me a three hour gap until picking up the kids after school. 

A few kilometers outside town there is a small nature preserve. This place is a classic spot for school trips. I’ve been here loads of times when i was a kid. But now it’s been about 20 years since last time. Now was a perfect moment to re-visit. 

Bälingeberget is not a huge mountain. 139 meters over sea level but still a very beautiful place. A short climb and i reach the amazing boulder fields. 

These trails are fat bikes only. 😅 

The backside of the mountain is so quiet. Only a 15 minute drive from central Luleå and still it feels like being in the middle of nowhere.

This autumn continues to impress with stunning weather. I had to drop my shirts and rode the rest of the day in just a tank top. Coffee and a chocolate bar in the quiet hillside and i was good to go back. The trail goes around the mountain and is just 2 kilometers. 


To be able to go on a short trail for a few hours and feel like being away on a big adventure is really cool. And very satisfying for the soul. 


After passing the boulder fields again there is a beautiful trail through the old forest.  


This micro adventure lasted for two hours. I even managed to squeeze in a cup of coffee with my lovely wife before picking up the clones. Life is good.

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