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Fall by the shores

After a crappy summer with loads of rain and damp weather the fall is stepping up to make every thing all right again. As the weather forecast kept showing more lovely days i decided to take a day off to go on a last ride to Sandön. We been riding here a few times the last years and it is really something else. To get to the island i need to pass a small canal. Luckily my fat bike friend Anders have a cabin on the island and a boat for crossing.
It is a short drive to the canal and even if it was nice weather i had no idea how this day would turn out. How ever, being greeted by dead calm sea and a crispy sun made me guess this was going to be pretty nice.

This is the shore on the land side.

I loaded the Mukluk on to the little boat and rowed over. Since it´s called Sandön (Sand island) fat bike is the weapon of choice here. This island is sand all over.


This time around i was going to check out the south side. Earlier rides have been focused on the east and north side. I know there are some shores here but had no idea if they were possible to access.
Turns out the were. The south side of Sandön have lots of summer cabins along the sandy shores. I was able to ride almost all the way but had to go through water some times.


I don´t know what it is about fall that makes me wanna go out and explore.
Perhaps it´s the calm, not so many people out and the very specific light this time of year.

I was a bit worried to disturb the locals. Sure we got The right of public access but there might be some people getting annoyed when passing their land along the shore. This time of year most of the summer houses are empty during the weeks. An older lady came out to me while i was passing her place. As always the fat tires are and ice breaker and she offered me a cup of coffee. How ever i had to rush along if i was going to make it before picking up the kids from school.

Along one of the bigger bays there are old drift wood benches. They are facing over the sea and the view over the bay of Bothnia is just stunning. This is were i have my coffee.

I still got much of this place un-explored. Besides the shore line the forest is covered in trails. Still i really love riding the sand shores, summer and winter.
The last few days we had some cold nights and temperature has dropped below freezing reminding us of whats to come. I hit a few spots where there were some ice on the surface. I can´t wait til it freezes up properly. Then i will do the same ride again, but in totally different conditions. This is one of the things that makes me love living up here. The contrasts between season are just amazing.

I did brought my GoPros and shot some video. There will be a short edit up soon. I think i got some nice shots this was after all the most beautiful day so far this year.


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