The great escape, out the back door.

I’m offically one of the bloggers at 🙂 This is my first post. I’ll still be spreading the bike love from “bike life” At “in to orchard i’ll try to ventilate other topics. Hope you like it.

Into The Orchard

Please allow me to introduce my self, I’m not a man of wealth but hopefully of taste.
My name is Olov, i live in Luleå a small town by the bay of bothnia in Swedish Lapland. I´m 42 years old, father of two and a hard core bike addict. This is my first post at “In to the Orchard” and i feel honored to be a part this awesome blog.
Writing is quite new to me. I´ve started just a few years ago as a columnist at a local paper and it still scares the hell out of me. But since i got kids i try to live by their device. I mean we tell our kids to try out new things, to challenge them and to learn by trail and error. But why stop just because we grow up? Why not continue? Why set boundaries because we think…

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