Family life

In the name of the father.

Today, the 17 of October my dad would have turned 82 years old. Unfortunately cancer took him nine years ago. He was quite a guy my dad. Handsome as hell and loved by every one. He was a man of the sea. Born and raised on the shore of the river of Luleå where it meets the bay of Bothnia. His passion in life were sailing. From when i was five we were out at sea every weekend and vacation. During winter he raced his ice yacht at 70 km/h across the ice. Perhaps yachting isn’t the first thing to pop in your mind thinking about in Swedish Lapland. But we have an amazing archipelago up here with over 1300 islands.
He never saw himself as a cyclist. However he rode his bike every day all year around. No snowstorm could stop him.
I still got his old saddle cover.
Cant imagine how many times it has crossed the bridge over the river of Luleå as we lived on the south side.

I miss him like hell every day but i´m grateful to have had him as my father. After all we don’t get to choose our parents. I´m really sad he didn´t get to meet my crazy and amazing kids. But thats just life i guess.

I miss u old man. I wish i could be at least half the man you were.

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