Fat Bike

Near post winter depression

Yeah it´s that time of year again. Those two month of nothingness between fall and winter. October and November usually sucks big time. No snow, cold, damp and dark outside. Or at least that´s how it usually is. But this year has been over expectations. Ok, it´s about 5 mm of snow and darker then agent Coopers coffee. But the temperature stays below zero and that my friends makes the ice freeze up really good and that makes for a good fat bike season on the bay of Bothnia.

I even been riding once a week for the last month. Not very common this time of year. A few weeks ago me and Andreas had a sweet ride down to the canal between Sandön and the mainland. Water levels still super low. Can’t wait to get further out. The days are getting shorter and sunset were around 2 pm. Good thing we got some snow to lighten things up a little bit.




I´ve been lazy and the lack of posts disturbs me, How ever i´m working on some changes here on the website, pretty stoked to launch new site in a few weeks. Also got a dream bike project going on. That´s really something super cool, but i´ll just keep it to myself until all is sorted out.

Until then, cheers!





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